'Bail-in' and Special Resolution Workshop

  • Date: 14 March 2011
  • Location: R405, LSE
  • Organisers: Ron Anderson (FMG, LSE) and Malcolm Knight (Deutsche Bank)
  • Conference programme [PDF]

The FMG assembled a trans-Atlantic group of experts to discuss "bail-in" and other ideas recently developed that aim at addressing the too-big-to-fail problem by increasing the efficiency of tools available to authorities in resolving distressed, systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs). The group involved 27 senior academics, bankers, investors, lawyers, and regulators representing a wide variety of perspectives on the issues. This diverse group found that the discussions helped to clarify the main considerations that should guide the design of any bail-in regime proposal that would be considered by regulators and legislators for implementation. The group felt that these views should be shared with the wider policy community and have agreed a minute for public circulation.

Those interested in exploring "bail-in" and understanding how it relates to contingent capital and to special resolution regimes are welcome to consult the readings that were assembled for the workshop and which are listed below.


The FMG gratefully acknowledges the generous support received from Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank