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Capital Market Workshops 2010

13 January 2010: Roni Michaely (Cornell)
What Drives the Value of Analysts' Recommendations: Earnings Estimates or
Discount Rate Estimates?
|  (PDF)

20 January 2010: Andrea Buraschi (Imperial College London)
When uncertainty blows in the orchard|  (PDF)

27 January 2010: Antonio Mele (FMG, LSE)
Uncertainty, Information Acquisition and Price Swings in Asset Markets|  (PDF)

3 February 2010: Tarun Ramadorai (University of Oxford)
On the dynamics of hedge fund risk exposures| (PDF)

10 February 2010: Alexander Gorbenko (Stanford GSB)
Strategic and Financial Bidders in Takeover Auctions|  (PDF)

17 February  2010: Sergey Chernenko (Harvard University)
The Real Consequences of Market Segmentation| (PDF)

24 February 2010: Tobias Adrian (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
The presentation was based on the following 2 papers:
Financial Intermediation, Asset Prices and Macroeconomic Dynamics| 
Risk Appetite and Exchange Rates| (PDF)

3 March 2010: Lukas Schmid (Duke University)
Optimal Long Run Risk
There is no paper available for this event.

10 March 2010: Neng Wang (Columbia Business School)
A Unified Theory of Tobin's q, Corporate Investment, Financing, and Risk
|  (PDF)

17 March 2010: Amir Sufi (University of Chicago)
House Prices, Home Equity-Based Borrowing, and the U.S. Household
Leverage Crisis
| (PDF)
Organisers: Philippe Mueller (FMG, LSE) and Xiaoji Lin (FMG, LSE)

28 April 2010: Francois Gourio (Boston University)
Disaster Risk and Business Cycles
There is no paper available for this event.

5 May 2010: Geert Bekaert (Columbia Business School)
Asset Return Dynamics under Bad Environment Good Environment Fundamentals
There is no paper available for this event.

19 May 2010: Brandon Julio (London Business School)
Political Uncertainity and Corporate Investment Cycles|  (PDF)

26 May 2010: Pietro Veronesi (University of Chicago Booth School of Business)
Uncertainty about Government Policy and Stock Prices|  (PDF)

2 June 2010: Richard Kihlstrom (University of Pennsylvania)
Risk Aversion and the Elasticity of Substitution in general Dynamic Portfolio Theory|  (PDF)

16 June 2010: Monika Piazzesi (Stanford University)
Trend and Cycle in Bond Premia| (PDF)

6 October 2010: Paolo Sodini (Stockholm School of Economics)
Twin Picks: Disentangling the Determinants of Risk-Taking in Household Portfolios|  (PDF)

13 October 2010: Tano Santos (School of Business Columbia University)
Is the financial sector too big?|  (PDF)

20 October 2010: Paul Tetlock (School of Business Columbia University)
How wise are crowds? Insights from Retail Orders and Stock Returns|  (PDF)
Appendix|  (PDF)

27 October 2010: Katrin Timm (Imperial College London)
Rational price-contingent trading and asset price dynamics
There is no paper available for this event. 

3 November 2010: Josh Rauh (Kellogg School of Management,
Northwestern University)
Policy Options for State Pensions Systems and their Impact on Plan
|  (PDF)

10 November 2010: Robin Greenwood (Harvard Business School)
A Comparative-Advantage Approach to Government Debt Maturity| (PDF)

17 November 2010: Augustin Landier (Toulouse School of Economics)
Going for Broke: New Century Financial Corporation, 2004-2006| (PDF)

24 November 2010: Ernst Maug (University of Mannheim)
Indexing Executive Compensation Contracts| (PDF)

1 December 2010: Francesco Sangiorgi (Stockholm School of Economics)
Equilibrium credit ratings and policy
There is no paper available for this event.

8 December 2010: Daniel Paravisini (Graduate School of Business Columbia University)
Dissecting the Effect of Credit Supply on Trade: Evidence from Matched Credit-Export Data |  (PDF)