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Videos and podcasts from FMG events

Dr Daniel Paravisini

Culture, Discrimination, and Economic Exchange

March 2017

In his inaugural LSE public lecture, Professor Daniel Paravisini discusses the challenges in establishing whether, and through what mechanism, culture may affect economic exchange. Watch now.


UN - to be fit for purpose

June 2016

Igor Lukšić, candidate of Montenegro for the position of UN Secretary General, examines how to ensure a UN system to address existing and emerging challenges; how to make the UN more effective, efficient and relevant; and how to achieve sustainable security, foster development and protect human rights. Listen now.

Jonathan Hill

The Single EU Capital Market: progress and challenges

May 2016

Jonathan Hill, European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, discusses the development of a single capital market in Europe. Several important initiatives are already underway, and when complete, the single capital market will enhance Europe's innovation and high-tech industries. Listen now.

John Vickers

How Much Equity Should Banks Have?

April 2016

Sir John Vickers (Oxford) discusses the contentious issue of the appropriate amount of equity capital that banks should hold against their assets. Listen now.

Has Venture Capital Europe Finally Arrived?

Has European Venture Capital Finally Arrived?

March 2016

This event brought together academics and practitioners to discuss the state of the European venture capital market. Professor Ulf Axelson set the stage with new evidence on the drivers of success of venture capital deals, contrasting results in Europe and the US, before Professor Felda Hardymon led a panel discussion featuring Byron DeeterSaul Klein, and Magnus GoodladWatch now.

Andreas Dombret

Shaken but not Stirred? The Banking System Seven Years after the Crisis

October 2015

While bankers and regulators are still busy implementing the lessons learnt from the crisis, new challenges have arisen that might once again change the banking landscape. Dr Andreas Dombret (Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank) joins Professor Sir Charles Bean to examine the issues. Watch now.

Adair Turner

Between Debt and the Devil: money, credit and fixing global finance 

October 2015

Adair Turner joins BBC Economics Editor Robert Peston to discuss how future public policy must constrain the quantity - and influence the allocation - of private credit creation.  Listen now.

Robert Shiller

Irrational Exuberance: as relevant as ever

June 2015

Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller cautions that irrational exuberance among investors has only increased since the financial crisis. This public lecture was recorded at LSE and Chaired by FMG Director Professor Christopher Polk. Watch now.


Arthur Grimes: how prudent are macro-prudential policies

November 2013

The FMG, in partnership with NZ-UK Link Foundation, organised this seminar to discuss whether the macro-prudential policies which central banks and financial organisations are working to create, will be effective in stabilising the financial system and/or asset markets.

A podcast of the seminar is available by clicking here.

Unintended Consequences of the New Financial Regulations

March 2013

The Systemic Risk centre (SRC) and FMG hosted a public debate on 11 March 2013, to discuss whether the post crisis reforms of financial regulations will be effective in protecting us from financial excesses, or may perversely destabilise the financial system.

A podcast and video of the debate is available by clicking here.

LSE perspectives on the sovereign debt crisis

November 2011

The FMG, LSE European Institute and Finance Department hosted this public debate between LSE  academics on the financial crisis on 2 November 2011, with particular emphasis on the Eurozone.

A podcast of the debate is available by clicking here

Special London Financial Regulation Seminar

October 2011

Chairman Gary Gensler (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) visited the FMG in October 2011 and gave a talk on "Global Reform for Derivatives Markets". A transcript of Chairman Gensler's speech is available by clicking here and a podcast is available by clicking here.

The Future of Finance: The LSE Report

May 2011

What is the financial system?  What is the future of finance? Charles Goodhart (FMG, LSE) gave a keynote speech based on The Future of Finance: The LSE Report, in Frankfurt. Paul Woolley (Paul Woolley Centre) acted as a panellist. A podcast from the event is available here.

The Future of Finance conference

July 2010

Early in 2009, Paul Woolley (Paul Woolley Centre) and Richard Layard (CEP) established The Future of Finance discussion group comprising regulators, bankers, academics and commentators. The discussions culminated in a one day conference in July 2010, entitled 'The Future of Finance and the theory that underpins it'.