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FMG discussion papers

The FMG's discussion paper series dates back to the founding of the FMG in 1987 with the first papers having been written by FMG co-founders Mervyn King and Charles Goodhart. Currently, all papers from 1995 onwards are available online.

Discussion papers are authored primarily by FMG staff, associates and research students and provide insights into cutting edge financial markets research currently being carried out at the FMG. Research published in the discussion paper series typically goes on to final publication in the top economics and finance journals. 

The most recent FMG discussion papers are listed below.

The Dynamics of Financially Constrained Arbitrage
Denis Gromb and Dimitri Vayanos (August 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP771

Financial Markets where Traders Neglect the Informational Content of Prices
Erik Eyster, Matthew Rabin and Dimitri Vayanos (August 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP770

The Quanto Theory of Exchange Rates
Lukas Kremens and Ian Martin (August 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP769
Paul Woolley Centre Paper

Performance-induced CEO turnover
Dirk Jenter and Katharina Lewellen (August 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP768

Executive Compensation: A Survey of Theory and Evidence
Alex Edmans, Xavier Gabaix and Dirk Jenter (July 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP767

Business Regulation and Poverty
Simeon Djankov, Dorina Georgieva and Rita Ramalho (September 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP766

Determinants of Regulatory Reform
Simeon Djankov, Dorina Georgieva and Rita Ramalho (June 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP765

Corporate Tax Cuts: examining the record in advanced economies
Simeon Djankov (May 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP764

Pipeline Risk in Leveraged Loan Syndication
Max Bruche, Frederic Malherbe and Ralf R Meisenzahlimeon (April 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP763

The City of London after Brexit
Simeon Djankov (February 2017)
FMG Discussion Paper DP762