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FMG and Green Impact

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme run by the National Union of Students (NUS), bringing staff and students together with their wider communities to enable and showcase positive changes in environmental practice.

At LSE, Green Impact teams are working all over campus to reduce the School’s environmental impact and to encourage staff and students to think about how their actions can help.

Every year at LSE departments are audited and receive a level of accreditation - Working Towards, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Excellence, and Platinum for the top scoring team. The FMG joined the Green Impact scheme in 2011 and after achieving a bronze award in 2013, we are proud to have achieved a silver accreditation in 2014!

The FMG Green Impact team members in 2014 are: Vivian Winterhoff, Frankie Clarke, and Olivia Kelley; plus brilliant Green Impact assistants Te-Lin Chen and Nikita Rodrigues, both LSE students.

For more information on Green Impact you can visit the School's Green Impact page here or the NUS page here.

Green Impact logo

Our Green Impact aims

The FMG's top 5 environmental impacts have been identified as relating to travel/transport, procurement, waste generation, energy usage and water usage. Our overall aim is thus to reduce our impact continuously and as quickly as possible. Specifically, we aim to:

  • Encourage our members and visitors to use public transport and to not travel by plane wherever practical.
  • Encourage the use of glasses, crockery and re-usable cutlery during our events and otherwise instead of providing paper or plastic alternatives.
  • Buy "green" office supplies wherever possible.
  • Actively encourage FMG members to recycle any waste, so that we can increase recycling rates at the FMG and minimise the amount of general waste sent away for incineration.
  • Share good environmental practice among FMG members and the greater LSE community.
  • Bring to the LSE sustainability team's attention issues where LSE as a whole could improve its environmental performance by reducing its impact.
  • Have fun while doing all of the above!


We plan to make available past editions of the FMG Green Impact newsletter here, containing useful tips on how to reduce your own personal environmental impact, and read all of the latest Green News from across LSE here.