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Dragana Cvijanovic

Dragana Cvijanovic“LSE offers a highly stimulating and thriving research environment. The opportunities to brainstorm are endless: from discussing one's ideas with faculty members in both formal and informal setting, to being constantly probed by one's fellow PhD students. Since most of the PhD students sit in the FMG and spend most of their days in the same room, by design we are bound to work together. Even more so, most of my co-authors are faculty members at LSE. There is a certain "academic buzz" about LSE: there is something in the air that pushes you to work harder and soak up the positive atmosphere. Going on the job market was quite stressful, intensive and concentrated. However, LSE faculty members made sure that we are well prepared in every sense of that word. I received lots of training and support from my official and unofficial supervisors, who prepared me to deal with different kinds of interviews, presentations and other ways of advertising my research. Consequently, although the 2011 job market was quite tough, I had plenty of offers to choose from and I opted for HEC Paris.”

Previous Degree(s): BSc Computer Science at UCL and MSc Quantitative Finance from the University of Belgrade (IMQF)