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MSc Finance (Part-time) Student Profiles

Lauren Hurwitz

"I really appreciated how the programme was designed to fit into my working life. Although it is never easy to study a part-time programme it is extremely do-able if you have the will and are dedicated to it. For me, being in the professional world whilst studying enhanced my academic experience so much. It gives you a real-world tool kit that you can use and apply every day; I constantly find myself referring back to my textbooks at my desk in an investment bank and the methods we learnt on how to value a company, from the top down and from the bottom up, I use on a daily basis".

Lauren Hurwitz ~ Moelis & Company|, Associate

Jawad Koradia

"The class was amazing, all very intelligent people but each with different strengths and weaknesses. So when we worked together it was clear that people were learning off each other, feeding off their own professional experience and also gaining from the experiences of others. For example, in the Financial Engineering course we had a group project where we had to build option pricing models, which takes a lot of different skills; programming, mathematics, understanding the different options and structures. So we were able to combine a group with people who were strong in all of these skills, just as you would in the professional world. In that process we all learned from each other".

Jawad Koradia ~ Macrohedge, CIO and Managing Partner

Ore Bajomo

"The Programme gave me a lot more confidence in the workplace. Once you learnt something in class you felt that you could then go back into the office and easily discuss it as you actually understood the theory behind it… Also I can’t stress enough the personal growth that I got over the two years, it really taught me how to manage my work-life balance, which has put me in good stead professionally – now I feel that I can take anything that is thrown at me and not be phased at all".

Ore Bajomo ~ Credit Suisse, Analyst

Li Liang

"As a Senior Consultant for one of the Big Four auditing firms, most of my clients are from the Financial Services Sector. So although I am not actually working as a trader or an investment banker, by doing this programme I have a much better understanding of my clients’ business, which allows me to provide professional services tailored to their needs".

Li Liang ~ Deloitte, Senior Consultant