Finance MSc graduate destinations

~ Recent destinations of Department of Finance graduates 

Department of Finance Graduate Prospects

Graduates of the Department have excellent career prospects. The most recent data, for 2010/11, shows that 6 months after graduation Department of Finance students graduating that year achieved an average starting salary of over £57,000 and that 92% were engaged in employment, further education or taking time out. These statistics are taken from the DLHE (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education) survey, overseen by the Higher Education Statistics Agency for the UK Government and sample at least 80% of UK graduates and at least 50% of non-UK graduates. Further information on this is provided by LSE Careers Service|.

In addition to the internationally recognised research environment and academic rigour of its teaching programmes, a great advantage of studying at LSE is the reputation it holds amongst employers for producing high level graduates. Both the LSE Careers Service and the Department of Finance aim to help its students be as successful as possible on the job market once they graduate from the programme.

LSE Careers Service

The LSE Careers Service| is an extensive resource available to LSE students, staff and alumni. Once registered as an LSE student you will be able to access the variety of resources and services it provides. These include careers fairs, company presentations, interview and application skills sessions, personal careers meetings, CV checking and advice sessions.

LSE attracts a large number of recruiters, whom, in many cases, actively target our students. During the Michaelmas Term it is likely that there could be a careers presentation or event that you wish to attend every day of the week!

Careers in Finance

Once registered at LSE you will have access to a wide range of resources and information regarding careers in the financial services sector. What often comes as a surprise to our MSc students, however, is the timescale involved with the application process, especially the early application deadlines for many of the investment banks, most being before the end of the Michaelmas Term (usually in mid November). This requires students to be very active in terms of careers as soon as they arrive at LSE. Previous students have recommended that MSc offer holders to start researching and making job applications before they arrive in London, and that the process of completing application forms can in itself become a full time job once you start Term.

Below are a number of links to websites which you may find useful if you would like an introduction to careers in or the financial services sector as a whole. Another good resource are the careers sections of the investment bank websites themselves.