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MSc Finance (Full-Time) Student Profiles

Aaron Blatt


"From the range of courses I was easily able to learn everything I wanted (and more) about M&A, but I believe I also gained a much broader and richer education. These skills will benefit me a great deal in the future, however my career develops..." (read more)|


- Aaron Blatt|

Jess Clempner


"The lecturers were each very passionate about their topics, which was reflected in the teaching quality..." (read more)|


- Jessica Clempner|

Domien de Witte


"It was very motivating and exciting to study with very talented students from all over the world..." (read more)|


- Domien De Witte|

Max Fu


"In terms of reputation in finance studies, I felt that LSE definitely had the best MSc Finance in Europe and is very likely the best among schools in the US..."  (read more)|


- Max Fu|

Sabine Khater


"It was a very challenging experience but I think it really prepared me for the professional world..."   (read more)|


- Sabine Khater |

Sophie Lim


"The courses are extremely practical as well as theoretical; they are a good preparation for what students should expect when they start working..." (read more)|


- Sophie Lim|

Aleksis Razmuss


"It is an environment where you are constantly challenged, inspired and you can learn from each other on a regular basis...” (read more)|


- Aleksis Razmuss|

Jessica Zoutsos


“The course covers all of the major areas of finance, in both a theoretical and a practical way, which gives you a well-rounded understanding of the industry..." (read more)|


- Jessica Zoutsos|