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MSc Finance and Economics Student Profiles

Anastasia Butskova


"All the people are highly intelligent, motivated and really fascinated by what they are doing..." (read more)


Anastasia Butskova - Russia

Fabian Kunz


"I chose the MSc in Finance and Economics because it offers a very unique combination – you cover stuff from both fields in depth; it's the only programme I know that does this..." (read more)


Fabian Kunz - Germany

Guy Mackenzie


"The MSc Finance and Economics was by far the greatest intellectual challenge I've ever faced. I learned a tremendous amount in a brief period and developed a strong foundation in finance..." (read more)


Guy MacKenzie - Canada

Vladimir Mukharlyamov


"The in-depth knowledge and experience that was gained by everyone on the course has opened doors to a broad range of careers..." (read more)


Vladimir Mukharlyaov - Russia

Belinda Tracey


"This programme is very challenging, but I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the experience with such a talented and friendly cohort..." (read more)


Belinda Tracey - Australia

Pierre Viandaz


"What’s amazing is how well known so many teachers here are in their fields yet how accessible they are. They are always willing to help you and give you extra materials to deepen your knowledge..." (read more)


Pierre Viandaz - France

Ching Wan Yuen


"The excellent reputation of the school and its location in a world class city made this course very attractive to me..." (read more)


Ching Wan Yuen - China