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Vladimir Mukharlyanov

Vladimir MukharlyamovPrevious Degree

BSc Economics from the Higher School of Economics (Moscow), BSc Economics from the University of London (External Programme)

Why did you choose the Programme?

Having already studied some finance in Moscow, I wanted to continue with my studies of Finance on a well-established programme at a prestigious university. I chose the MSc Finance and Economics at LSE for several reasons:

Firstly, the Programme is known to be one of the most intense Finance programmes available and my classmates and I faced many intellectual challenges throughout the course of the year. The in-depth knowledge and experience that was gained by everyone on the course has also opened doors to a broad range of careers.

Secondly, LSE has the strongest brand in Finance and Economics in Europe. It hosts a major European research centre in Finance - the Financial Markets Group (FMG) - which is closely connected to the Finance Department and makes it possible for students to be involved in research. The finance-related conferences organised by the FMG stimulate the thinking process and many well-known figures visit both the FMG - and LSE more generally - on a regular basis.

Finally, having lived in the centre of Moscow for 20 years, I wanted to stay in the centre of London, a major world city, and in doing so, I made many new friends, both at LSE and outside it.

What aspect did you gain from / enjoy the most?

Overall, I found the programme to be exceptionally well-structured, with most courses (especially those of PhD level) being very insightful. I gained the most from studying Financial Economics (the core course for the Programme) since not only is the material very interesting and useful, I found the way the course is taught very exciting. The Finance Department at the LSE also has great professors, who are always willing to give valuable help and advice. 

Finally, I should say that the people I studied with are fantastic and as a result it is now hard for me to think of a country in the world where I don't have friends.  I think that this is one of the most valuable things that I gained from studying in London.

I definitely feel that MSc in Finance and Economics should be considered by anyone who considers studying Finance for academic or business purposes.  My life would have been immensely different if I had studied my masters degree elsewhere.

What are you doing next?

I'm currently doing a PhD in Economics at Harvard.