Pierre Viandaz

Pierre ViandazWhy did you choose LSE?

I wanted to work in the financial hub of Europe and I knew that LSE was very close to the city and it has a very good reputation with many financial companies.

How have you found living in London?

For me it was the first time in such a big city – it was quite different to anything I had experienced before. It was amazing; I wouldn’t have thought that London was such a small world where you could meet so many different countries. You don’t need to travel to discover the world – you just need to come to London!

Why did you choose Finance & Economics?

I chose this programme because it is quite quantitative and suited to my engineering background. It gave me a very good insight into both finance and economics, a feature which makes this programme quite unique.

How did you find the learning environment at LSE?

Most people here are really smart. You want to work hard not because there is competition but because you aspire to be better today than you were yesterday, not only to pass your exams but just because most people here are really curious and it’s exciting to study such challenging subjects.

What have you gained from the programme?

It was interesting being able to learn from lots of different people from different communities and different backgrounds. Also the programme was very challenging because of its quantitative nature, and now I am more prepared for my career in banking. This programme was really useful in preparing me for the real problems you can face in the banking sector.

Have you had any practitioner seminars?

We had a lecture from a previous student of the F&E programme who now works in the Bank of England. He lectured on Fixed Income derivatives. It was very interesting because we had an insight into what happens in the real world. I also attended different seminars from the banks, especially in emerging markets.

What have been your thoughts on the faculty you’ve encountered?

What’s amazing is how well known so many teachers here are in their fields yet how accessible they are. They are always willing to help you and give you extra materials to deepen your knowledge. It’s quite unique to have such an exposure to different financial fields and teachers that are so accessible to us.

How have you benefitted from the LSE careers’ support?

It is definitely really helpful; I had my cover letter and CV proof-read at the beginning and that was very useful for all the applications to banks and consultancy firms. Also, when we get interview offers we can have mock interviews related to the specific firm where we will have the real interview.

Do you have any plans for after the programme?

I have a summer internship in the city, working in financial markets, and I hope to gain a full time offer after that.

What would you advise to prospective students?

If you like working hard and having a lot of fun then go for it, because you will be part of a unique programme coupling finance with economics. It will give you great career opportunities, so apply and enjoy it!