Guy MacKenzie

Guy MackenziePrevious Degree

BSc Economics major, Mathematics minor, University of Victoria

Why did you choose the Programme?

Prior to pursuing a career in finance, I wanted to gain a deep understanding of its theoretical foundations while continuing my studies of economics at graduate level.   The Finance and Economics programme is one of few that offers exactly this combination.  The LSE's international environment and strong reputation for both finance and economics made this my first choice of graduate programmes.

What aspect did you gain from / enjoy the most?

The MSc Finance and Economics was by far the greatest intellectual challenge I've ever faced.  I learned a tremendous amount in a brief period and developed a strong foundation in finance which I'm sure will contribute to my long-term success - whichever career path I pursue. 

Along with the challenge, I gained a great amount from my fellow students.  Their talent, drive and diversity of perspectives really enriched the experience. 

What are you doing next?

I'm currently completing an internship in the corporate finance division of an economics consultancy. In the fall I will go to China to further my studies of Mandarin.