Ching Wan Yuen

Previous DegreChing Wan Yuene

Master of Philosophy in Information Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Why did you choose the Programme?

I chose to study MSc Finance and Economics in LSE because of my interest in the subject and the pre-eminent reputation of LSE in the field. When I studied Information Engineering, a professor introduced to me briefly the use of technical analysis in finance and as a result I became interested in financial mathematics. After working in IT for two years, I decided to take a course which could satisfy my academic curiosity and at the same time enhance my career prospects. In addition to rigorous mathematics, I wanted a programme which could give me a comprehensive understanding of the economy and financial markets. The MSc Finance and Economics matched my needs very well. The excellent reputation of the school and its location in a world class city also made this course very attractive to me.

What aspect did you gain from / enjoy the most?

It has been a privilege for me to study with such a group of smart and assiduous classmates and my mentor was very helpful in his advice on my course selection. I particularly enjoyed the Global Financial Systems course. During class, the professor was attentive to the logical development of our arguments and guided us to fill in the gaps in our reasoning. The dissertation for the course was also a great chance for me to research into current hot issues in the global financial system. It served as a good preparation for the real world.

What are you doing next?

I will look for a job in the public sector related to economics and financial policies.