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The MSc Finance and Economics Conversion Scholarship for Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences

The MSc Finance and Economics Conversion Scholarship for Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences offers students the opportunity to join LSE’s prestigious MSc Finance and Economics programme via a fully funded Summer Conversion programme.

The quantitative and analytic skills exhibited by the top engineering, mathematics and science students are incredibly attractive to a wide range of employers in the financial services sector, consulting, policy and academia; however, for these students advanced training in finance and economics may be required to transition into these areas.

The MSc Finance and Economics is uniquely well placed to support that transition, examining the financial markets through in-depth analysis based on financial economics and statistical methods. The core courses emphasise analytical rigour and technical foundations, in addition to application of the theory and practical market knowledge, which is well suited to students from highly quantitative backgrounds.

The MSc Finance and Economics Conversion Scholarship is available for outstanding candidates who apply for the Finance and Economics programme with limited or no economics background. These students will join LSE in late July and take an accelerated three week course in microeconomics  to become familiar with academic principles required to be successful in the MSc in Finance and Economics.

The cost of the course will be reimbursed to the student through  by an equal reduction  the MSc programme fee.

The course will cover five broad areas:

  1. the theory of the consumer
  2. the theory of supply (including monopoly)
  3. general equilibrium and welfare  
  4. game theory 
  5. game theory applications: (a) imperfect competition, (b) moral hazard and contracts, (c) information problems.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit. Students should apply for the MSc Finance and Economics and those with relevant academic backgrounds will automatically be considered for the scholarship. We welcome applications from students studying all disciplines of engineering, mathematics and sciences.

Chevallier"After the first day at the LSE summer school I knew that this was where I wanted to be. The teaching faculty at LSE are stars and are known worldwide, and they really try to find the best way to make you understand the links between the different subjects – how things actually relate and, importantly, emphasis the intuition behind it. I think this is really the most striking thing about the programme as opposed to just learning formulas.

Coming from an engineering background in France I did not know much about the finance job market. One of the key strengths of the programme is that in addition to the academics it has great career support, helping you to know when and how to apply, having experienced people go over you resume, giving you tailored, one to one advice".

~ Thomas Chevallier, 2013
Previous degree: Ecole Centrale Paris, BS in Engineering
Now: Mckinsey, Junior Associate