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Dr Georgy Chabakauri wins 4nations Cup 2012

The Department of Finance would like to congratulate Dr Georgy Chabakauri| who, representing Rule Britannia! (UK) alongside Vikrant Vig (LBS), was crowned winner of the contest for his seminar "Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Investors and Portfolio Constraints|".

Held on Friday 11 May 2012, at the Duisenberg School of Finance| in Amsterdam and modelled on the 6 Nations rugby tournament, the 4nations Cup| brings scholars in financial economics together for a day of 40-minute seminars. At the end of the day the winning team is decided by the number of audience votes.

The candidates are selected by a committee whose members are affiliated with universities in the countries participating in the tournament. They are the most promising scholars in financial economics affiliated with universities of the participating nations. It is not required to be a citizen of the country one represents. 


Dr Georgy Chabakauri 4nations