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Fifth London Taiwan Annual Conference

Contemporary Urban Culture: Comparative Perspectives via Taiwan

Date: Sunday 17 June 2007

Venue: Graham Wallas Room (Room A550), Old Building, London School of Economics (LSE)

Organiser: Professor Stephan Feuchtwang (Chair, London Taiwan Seminar)

Sponsor: The Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation

Documentation: A report was published in the International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter, Leiden University, Number 46 (Winter 2008), page 39 [PDF].

Programme and Schedule

9:30am-9:50am Registration

10am-10:15am Welcoming Remarks and Introduction
Presenter: Prof Stephan Feuchtwang (Anthropology, LSE)

10am-10:45am Session I: Death-scapes in Taipei and Manila: a postmodern necrography
Presenter: Dr Paul-François Tremlett (Study of Religion, SOAS)
Discussant: Professor Yuan-Chao Tung (National Taiwan University)

10:45am-11:15am COFFEE

11:15am-12 noon Session II: Simmelacrum(b)s: depictions of the metropolis in Taiwan
Presenter: Mr Stuart Thompson (Asian Anthropology, SOAS)
Discussant: Professor Maurizio Marinelli (Centre for East Asian Studies, Bristol)

12 noon-1pm LUNCH

1pm-1:45pm Session III: The Intrusive Rendering: the dictation of stereotypes and the extra-ordinaries
Presenter: Ms Doreen Bernath (Architectural Association)
Discussant: Dr Andrea Lioy (Graphic Design, Saint Martin's College of Art and Design)

1:45pm-2:30pm Session IV: Art in a Hybridised Urban Space: contemporary Taiwanese art in an Eslite bookstore
Presenter: Ms Yi-Hsin Nicole Lai (The Centre For Art, Research, Technology and Education, Westminster)
Discussant: Professor Shao-Li Lu (Graduate Institute of History, National Chengchi University)

2:30pm-3:00pm TEA

3pm-3:45pm Session V: Art and Internet 2.0 in East Asian Culture
Presenter: Dr Shang-Min Chien (Courtauld Institute)
Discussant: Dr Stefan Szczelkun (The Centre For Art, Research, Technology and Education, Westminster)

3:45pm-4:30pm Session VI: Time-Space, State-Society, Yin-Yang: the embedding of gender in education
Presenter: Dr  Shu-Ching Lee (Faculty of Education, Cambridge)
Discussant: Professor Ming-Ju Fan (Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature, National Chengchi University)

4:30pm-5pm Concluding Remarks and Discussion
Presenter: Dr Mark Harrison (Centre for the Study of Democracy, Westminster)