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The European Institute community

Studying at the European Institute is not only about studying!

European Institute staff and students come from a broad range of backgrounds, including differing disciplines, research interests, countries and experiences.
In addition, the LSE community can probably be named one of the most cosmopolitan university communities in the world. It is therefore hardly surprising that staff and students are involved in a variety of activities, some of which you can find details of via the links below. 

  • Academic staff profiles
    Find out more about the academic staff who will be teaching you.
  • European Institute student activities
    Find out what current European Institute students get up to.
  • EI Digest
    Latest news from the European Institute (EI), including upcoming public lectures and seminars, EI in the media and news from our alumni.
  • European Institute events
    The European Institute and its associated research centres and fora regularly organise highly successful, prominent and cutting-edge events. These range from public lectures to small research seminars, in which the whole of European Institute community is invited to participate.
  • LSE Careers Service
    Explore what Careers services will be available to you as a European Institute student while you study here and check the LSE graduate destinations webpage to find out about where EI graduates work and your future employability.
  • Alumni
    European Institute Alumni traditionally stay in touch with each other and communicate via the LSE Alumni community, in which there are various Alumni groups that organise a wide range of events across the globe.
    In addition, the European Institute is currently setting up its very own Alumni network. The initial plans include organising public lectures and receptions for Alumni in London and other European capitals. However, as EI Alumni become more actively involved, there is scope for a variety of Alumni events, including for instance conferences, excursions and reunions.  

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