European Institute 2015 Welcome Week

Welcome Week marks the beginning of each academic year. This year it is taking place towards the end of September. The main registration period usually takes place just before the Welcome Week activities start. There are several different sessions for you to attend, most of which are listed and described further below.

A detailed timetable of all Welcome Week sessions and activities for new European Institute masters students is provided here:

European Institute 2015 Welcome Week Schedule

Listed below is a guide to the types of activities you'll find covered in Welcome Week:

School (LSE) Orientation
The School orientation session serves the purpose of welcoming you to the LSE community and introducing you to the School, in particular to members of the LSE Directorate, the Deans, and the Students' Union General Secretary.

European Institute General Induction (your departmental induction)
At the European Institute General Induction you will be introduced to the Institute, in particular the teaching staff. You will be given information on life at the Institute, as well as what you need to do over the next few days.
You will receive your student handbook after this meeting.

Your Programme Induction
During your programme induction session you will meet academic staff teaching on your programme and find out the general procedures that relate to your programme.

European Institute Options Fair
The European Institute Options Fair gives you an opportunity to speak to the course convenors of the courses we offer (mainly those with an EU prefix), in order to be able to make an informed decision on your course choices. 

Introduction to the Careers Service
This session is specifically for EI students. You will find out more about the Careers Service and careers events that are likely to be held throughout the year.

Introduction to the Teaching and Learning Centre, Language Centre and Library
This is a special session for European Institute students to introduce them to the various support services on offer, plus how to use the library and how to find information in the library relevant to European studies.

Fresher's Fayre
Organised by the LSE Students' Union, this is an opportunity to spend two days to find out about the Students' Union numerous student societies and perhaps even join a few. Society stands will be located in various places throughout the campus. Details will be announced closer to the time of the fair.

Your programme's Welcome Drinks/Reception
Don't forget that welcome drinks/receptions are organised at the beginning of the academic year so that you can meet and socialise with fellow students and European Institute/LSE staff! These are included in your Welcome Week Schedule document and you will be sent a reminder closer to the time. You have an informal student social drink at the George IV pub, as well as a formal welcome drink in a venue within LSE.

In order to know where you are going during Welcome Week, you can refer to the LSE Maps and directions webpage.  



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