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2014/15 Staff and Course Availability

Staff availability

During the 2014/15 academic year, the following staff will be on leave:

Dr Waltraud Schelkle
Dr Marco Simoni
Dr Jonathan White

New courses

EU473 Informal Governance (Dr Mareike Kleine)
EU474 Contested Ideas in EU Law and Government (Dr Jan Komarek)
EU475 Muslims in Europe (Dr Esra Ozyurek)
EU476 Turkey and the EU (Dr Esra Ozyurek)

Course withdrawals

EU423 Greece and the European Union
EU438 Turkey: Political Economy and European Integration
EU461 Economic History of Southeastern Europe and the Middle East, 1820-1970

Course suspensions

EU426 The West: Identity and Interests
EU427 European Public and Economic Policy
EU431 European Integration from a Global Perspective
EU460 European Society and Politics beyond the Nation State
EU462 Partisanship in Europe

This information is correct as of 6 May 2014.