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MSc Politics and Government in the European Union Core Teaching Staff

Federica Bicchi

Dr Federica Bicchi

Research Interests: EU foreign policy; international relations theory; EU external relations (especially towards the Middle East and the Mediterranean); democracy promotion (Arab countries)

Michael Bruter

Dr Michael Bruter

Research Interests: Institutions; extreme right; elections; public opinion; western Europe; Europe polling/voting behaviour; European Union

Vesselin Dimitrov

Dr Vesselin Dimitrov

Research Interests: Nationalism; cold war; NATO; economic policy making; central Europe; communism; European Union; EMU; political transition; eastern Europe; economic transition

Spyros Economides

Dr Spyros Economides

Research Interests: European foreign and defence policy; EU and the Balkans; international relations of the Balkans; Europeanisation of foreign policy; Greek foreign policy.

Kevin Featherstone

Prof Kevin Featherstone

Research Interests: Contemporary Greek politics and public policy; the Greek core executive; minorities in Greece; economic and monetary union; European Union politics and institutions; British membership of the EU; processes of Europeanisation

Maurice Fraser

Maurice Fraser

Research Interests: The idea of The West; the idea of Europe; universalism and relativism; the centre-right in Europe; European typologies of Left and Right; French thought and politics


Dr Sara Hagemann

Research Interests: European Union politics and policy-making; democracy and representation in the EU; theories of European integration; public opinion

Simon Hix

Prof Simon Hix

Research Interests: European political parties; European parliament; legislative procedures; European policy; public opinion; EMU; European politics


Dr Mareike Kleine

Research Interests: Theories of international cooperation and International Political Economy; informal and formal governance; the interplay of domestic politics and international institutions; negotiation theories; normative questions of global governance; qualitative methods; history and theory of European integration

Jan Komarek

Dr Jan Komarek

Research Interests: European Union law; courts and judicial process; European constitutional theory; history of European legal thought

Jennifer Jackson-Preece

Dr Jennifer Jackson Preece

Research Interests: Ethnic conflict; Europe; European security; European states system; history; irredentism; minority rights; multiculturalism; nationalism; religion; North America; secession

Ulrich Sedelmeier

Dr Ulrich Sedelmeier

Research Interests: theories of international institutions; theoretical approaches to European integration; EU conditionality; EU external relations

Karen Smith

Dr Karen Smith

Research Interests: European Union foreign policy; EU-UN relations; human rights and foreign policy

Eiko Thielemann

Dr Eiko Thielemann

Research Interests: Public policy-making; comparative politics; European Union; international co-operation (burden sharing, public goods, etc.); asylum; immigration; migration