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MSc European Studies (Research)

The MSc in European Studies (Research) allows students to combine the study of substantive themes in European integration with a stronger emphasis on methodological training. Students choose from the courses offered in the European Institute MSc degrees- MSc Political Economy of Europe|, or MSc European Studies: Ideas and Identities|, or MSc Politics and Government in the European Union|. They also receive methodological training from the LSE's Methodology Institute as well as in a European Institute seminar which is joint for MSc Research students and first year MPhil/PhD students.

The strength of this MSc is that students become acquainted with different theoretical approaches relevant to the study of contemporary Europe, drawing on the disciplines of economics, political science, philosophy, law and geography, and also disciplines from the Humanities. This offers the student wider disciplinary knowledge, rather than taking Europe or its institutions as singular cases. This makes more rigorous comparative study possible across European regional areas. Students will be supported in developing research questions that are of wider than purely academic relevance. In particular, methodology should serve and not drive research. Thus, students are encouraged to use both quantitative and qualitative methods and learn to apply them robustly to best answer their particular research question. Previous students have completed final dissertation projects on the politics of Euroscepticism, the political economy of the Services Directive, social capital in Spain, or how theories of justice can explain EU cooperation on criminal matters.

Last but not least, our inter-disciplinary approach provides a foundation of transferable skills for subsequent professional development. As well as academia, our graduates have joined the European Commission, national ministries, think tanks and consultancies, as well as the media and business firms with an international outlook.