MSc EU Politics

About the programme

The MSc EU Politics programme offers a multidisciplinary analysis of contemporary European Union government, politics and public policy, including its impact on the EU member states and the broader international system.

The programme’s broad spectrum of courses draws on:

  • comparative political science
  • international relations
  • European Union law
  • European political economy

The programme is based across three Departments at LSE: the European Institute, Government and International Relations. This allows the programme to cover a wide array of topics taught in more than 50 courses. Students have the opportunity to draw on the expertise of the largest number of academic experts in European government, politics and public policy to be found anywhere in Europe.

The multidisciplinary nature of the programme ensures that, in addition to building extensive and deep knowledge of the EU, students are able to analyse it in a multifaceted way which combines problem-solving, detailed empirical knowledge with the latest theoretical perspectives.

We teach our students advanced analytical research skills combined with hands-on practical insights into EU politics and policy-making.