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eMSc careers profile

Emilie-PressEmilie Turunen
Member of the European Parliament

Can you tell us what are your impressions of the programme so far and what are your personal expectations/goals?

After more or less six years away from university I am thrilled to be back in the world of formal learning. For the past five years I’ve been a member of the European Parliament. Politics is a fast discipline, and studying at LSE has been a welcomed contrast. I really enjoy reading and reflecting on academic texts, and not just scanning executive summaries, or reading a one-pager briefing. Overall, my impression of the programme so far is very good. Interesting module themes, relevant key readings, and competent teachers. I never received so intensive feedback on my work as I do now, that’s brilliant.

How do you think your LSE degree will help you in enhancing your career prospects?

LSE is a well-renowned and respected university and having a degree from here is certainly an overall benefit. LSE is a fantastic place, I think. Lots of things going on, interesting people etc. I enjoy a lot getting to know my fellow students; there is a lot of inspiration to tap from them.