Mr Hugo Brady

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Mr Hugo Brady
Visiting Fellow
European Institute

Tel: +33 (0) 1 56 89 19 34
Twitter: @hugobrady


Hugo Brady is Senior Associate Analyst at the EU Institute for Security Studies.

Hugo writes on the future of the EU's Schengen area of passport-free travel which is dependent on member countries agreeing effective common approaches to both migration and security policy. He has published reports on counter-terrorism strategy, the development of EU migration policy and collective European efforts to tackle international organised crime, including through better co-operation between prosecutors and police. Hugo also thinks about the overall future of the EU and follows closely the implementation of the Lisbon treaty which was intended to reform its main institutions: the Commission, European Parliament and Court of Justice.

His previous publications for the Centre for European Reform include: 'Britain's 2014 opt-out: Why it bodes ill for Cameron's EU strategy', January 2013; 'Cameron's European 'own goal': Leaving EU police and justice co-operation', October 2012; 'Saving Schengen: How to protect passport-free travel in Europe', January 2012; ‘Intelligence, emergencies and foreign policy: the EU’s role in counter-terrorism’, July 2009; ‘EU migration policy: An A-Z’, February 2008. He previously worked at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Institute for International and European Affairs in Ireland.

Hugo appears regularly in the national and international media on EU issues and also writes a column for e! He has contributed op-eds to the The Guardian, The Independent and the Wall Street Journal amongst others. In 2008, he was the Financial Times's 'Ask the Expert' on the Lisbon treaty in a live online forum. Hugo joined the LSE's European Institute as a visiting fellow in May 2013.