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Dr Steve Coulter

Dr Steve Coulter
LSE Fellow in Political Economy of Europe
COW 1.06
Email:  s.coulter1@lse.ac.uk|
Telephone: 020 7955 6942


Prior to joining the EI, Steve was a Research Fellow at City University and adjunct lecturer in comparative political economy at the Clore Management School, Birkbeck College, London. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Social Market Foundation think-tank and previously worked for BBC News as a Senior Economics Analyst. He was awarded his PhD from the European Institute in 2011 for a thesis on the political strategies of trade unions in liberal market economies, and also has a BA in history from King's College, Cambridge.

Courses taught

EU443: European Models of Capitalism|
EU453: The Political Economy of European Welfare States|
EU443E: European Capitalism and the Global Economy|

Recent publications

Investing in Europe’s Physical and Knowledge Infrastructure. Policy Network. 2013.
The German Manufacturing Sector Unpacked: Institutions, Policies and Future Trajectories. Foresight programme, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. 2013.
Another Marshall Plan for Europe? LSEE blog. 2013.
Downloading Democracy: How the Media Reported the Financial Crisis. Journalism: Theory and Practice. 2013.
Manufacturing Prosperity. Diversifying UK Growth. Social Market Foundation. 2012.