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Research in the European Institute is focused around the four interdisciplinary research themes of Governance and Democracy in the European Union, European Society, Political Economy in Europe and Europe beyond the EU. Its doctoral community, which is one of the largest in European Studies in the world, spans all four research areas. The European Institute was ranked first in European Studies research in Britain in the prestigious Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) of 2008.

Research Themes @ the EI


Research Centres and Projects

The Institute has a number of research centres which cut across these themes. The Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies| researches the history, politics, economics, sociology and culture of contemporary Spain. The Hellenic Observatory| looks at the politics, economics, sociology and institutions of contemporary Greece. LSEE- Research on South East Europe|- carries out high quality, independent research and facilitates public dialogue and dissemination of information on South East Europe.