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Research Students

Although the Hellenic Observatory does not offer a specialist research degree and does not accept applications for PhD study, its members of staff are involved in supervision on a number of topics involving Greece and Southeast Europe, within the graduate degree programmes offered by the European Institute, and the Departments of International Relations, Government and Geography.

Below is a list of research students currently associated with the Hellenic Observatory and/or supervised by HO members of staff as well as of recent graduates.   

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Recent Graduates

  • Dr Sotirios Zartaloudis had been awarded a three-year scholarship from the Bodossakis Foundation for a PhD thesis on Public Policy and Structural Reforms and was jointly supervised by Professor Kevin Featherstone and Dr Waltraud Schelkle. The (working) title of his thesis was 'Labour Market and Pension Reforms in Greece and Portugal: A story of Europeanization?'. He holds an MSc in European Politics and Governance (LSE, Propondis Foundation Scholarship) and a BA in Sociology (University of Crete, State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) scholarship and prize for best overall performance in Sociology department of the academic year (2000-2004); "Manolis Drettakis Grant": Graduation Prize given to the Student with the best overall grade of the School of Social Sciences of University of Crete). His research interests include Europeanization, Pension and Labour Market reforms, inequality and poverty, European Social Policy, European Social Models, South-Eastern Europe. Sotiris is now Lecturer in International Politics in the University of Manchester.
  • Dr Andreas Kornelakis had been awarded a three-year scholarship from the Bodossakis Foundation for a PhD thesis on Social Dialogue in Greece and he was jointly supervised by Professor Kevin Featherstone and Dr Christa Van Wijnbergen. He holds an MSc in International Employment Relations & HR Management from LSE with Distinction. For his Masters he won a Propondis Foundation Scholarship and the LSE Keith Thurley Award for the best overall performance. He also holds a BSc in Social Policy from Panteion University. For his Bachelor he received the State Scholarship Foundation Award for the best overall performance. Research interests include European and comparative political economy, industrial relations and institutionalism. Andreas is now Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour / Human Resource Management in the University of Sussex.  
  • Dr Sofia Vasilopoulou had been awarded a three-year scholarship from the Bodossakis Foundation. She conducted research on Euroscepticism under the joint supervision of Professor Kevin Featherstone (European Institute) and Dr Jonathan Hopkin (Government Department). The title of her PhD thesis was "Varieties of Euroscepticism: mapping and explaining positions on European integration within the European radical right". The areas of her interests and expertise included comparative European politics, EU politics, Euroscepticism, extreme right, populism, parties and party systems, elections, cleavages, and public opinion. Sofia holds an MSc in European Studies (Research) from the London School of Economics, an MA in European Studies from the University of Westminster, and a degree in Trilingual Translation and Linguistics from the University of Marc Bloch Strasbourg II. She speaks English, Greek and French. She has been awarded the 2008 ECPR Party Politics Prize for the Best Student Paper delivered at the annual ECPR Summer School on Parties and Party Systems.
  • Dr Christos Dimas had been awarded a four year scholarship from the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation. He was based in the European Institute and worked under the supervision of Professor Kevin Featherstone. His research focus, was the politics of the privatisation process in Greece. The provisional title of his thesis was "Privatisation in Greece: politics, policy and polity". Christos worked for the Greek newspaper "Apogevmatini" as their correspondent in London in political issues. He holds an MSc in Comparative Politics (LSE) and an LLB-LAW (Queen Mary). 
  • Dr Kyriakos Moumoutzis had been awarded a three year scholarship from the Bodossakis foundation for a PhD thesis on Greece's external relations within the context of the EU. The provisional title of his thesis was "The Europeanisation of National Foreign Policy: The Case of Greek Policy Towards Turkey 1996-1999". Kyriakos was based at the European Institute and he was working under the supervision of Prof Kevin Featherstone and Dr Ulrich Sedelmeier. He holds an MA in European Studies (University of Exeter) and a BA in Political Science (University of Athens). Research interests include: Europeanisation, integration theory, Greek foreign policy, EU foreign policy.
  • Dr Michael Joseph Romanos had been awarded a three year scholarship from the Bodossakis Foundation. He was jointly supervised by Professor Kevin Featherstone and Dr. Klaus Goetz. The point of departure for his research was the evolving role of the European Union in international maritime governance. The purpose is to provide empirical evidence as to whether and how this process unfolds with respect to public-private relations in the Greek shipping sector. These questions were explored in relation to the liberalisation of shipping services, the strengthening of maritime safety and the promotion of shortsea shipping. Michael holds a BA from Panteion University (Athens) and an MPhil in European Studies from the University of Cambridge.
  • Dr Nikos Chrysoloras has studied International Relations in Wales, U.K., and Political Theory in Essex, U.K. He recently completed his PhD at the Department of Government and the Hellenic Observatory of the LSE. The title of his thesis was "Religion and National Identity in the Greek and Greek-Cypriot Political Cultures" and his research was funded by a National Bank of Greece Research Award and a Government Department Research Studentship. Nikos worked as a teaching assistant in Political Theory at the LSE and a tutor in Media History at iCON College, in Athens. He specializes in Nationalism Studies and Political Theory, and his publications include: "The Political Discourse of the Greek Orthodox Church", in the Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, vol. 30.1., 2004; "Why Orthodoxy? Religion and Nationalism in Greece", in Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, vol. 4.1., July 2004; and "I Can Get No Enjoyment: Lacanian Theory and the Analysis of Nationalism" (with Yannis Stavrakakis), in Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, vol. 11, 2006. He is currently a foreign news desk journalist at Kathimerini daily and a researcher at SKAI Television, in Athens.
  • Dr Sotiria Theodoropoulou had been awarded a three-year scholarship from the Bodossakis Foundation for a PhD thesis on European Integration and Greece. She was based at the European Institute and currently works under the supervision of Dr Bob Hancke. The provisional title of her thesis is 'Does Size Matter? The political economy of differences in unemployment performance between small and large countries in the EU'. Sotiria holds an MSc in Economics (London), an MA in European Organisation and Diplomacy (Athens, State Scholarships Foundation-IKY prize for best overall performance in the programme, 1997) and a BA in Business Administration (Athens). She is an Associate Fellow at the European programme of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), currently working on the effects of the Single Market on business in Europe.  Her areas of research interest and expertise are labour market policies and reforms in Europe, European unemployment and the economic analysis of the European Union. Sotiria has been teaching Economics at the University of Athens since 1997 (M.A. programme 'European and International Studies') and at the department of Economics of the LSE (undergraduate classes) since 2000 (departmental teaching prize for the year 2001-2002). She speaks English, French, Spanish and Greek.
  • Dr Daphne Halikiopoulou graduated from the European Institute in 2007 where she completed her thesis entitled The Changing Dynamics of Religion and National Identity: Greece and Ireland in a Comparative Perspective. Her PhD, which focuses on the relationship between religion and national identity in Greece and the Republic of Ireland, is a study examining the circumstances under which religion may remain or cease to be politically active and legitimate in societies where secularisation has been initially inhibited given a strong identification of the nation with religion. Her research interests include the sociology of religion and secularisation, theories of nationalism and national identity, comparative European politics as well as the study of modern Greek and Irish history. Daphne holds a MSc in Comparative Politics (Empire), LSE.
  • Dr Andreas Antoniades graduated from LSE's Department of International Relations in 2005, where he completed his thesis on Domestic Structures and the Communication of Hegemonic Discourses: The Case of Globalisation in Greece and Ireland. Part of his studies was supported by a three year scholarship from the Bodossakis Foundation. In his doctoral thesis Andreas developed a theoretical framework for the study of the politics and bio-politics of hegemonic discourses, through a synthesis of discourse theory and comparative institutionalism. Andreas is currently working a Teaching Fellow at the Department of International Relations at LSE.
  • Dr Georgios Niarchos graduated from the Hellenic Observatory/European Institute in 2005 where he completed his thesis on 'Between Ethnicity, Religion and Politics: Foreign Policy and the Treatment of Minorities in Greece and Turkey, 1923-1974'. His research interests include European and Balkan history, religion in the Balkans, minority and ethnicity/nationality issues in south-eastern Europe and the history of Greek-Turkish relations. He holds a degree in Theology from the University of Athens (1993-1997) and completed his MA in East European Studies at the University of Bradford (1998-1999). He speaks Greek, English, French and basic Turkish.
  • Dr Argyris Mamarelis graduated from the Hellenic Observatory/European Institute in 2003 where he completed his thesis on 'The Rise and Fall of the 5/42 Regiment of Evzones: A study on National Resistance and Civil War in Greece 1941-44'. His research interests include collaborationism and resistance in occupied Greece and the development of the Greek Right in the '50s and '60s. He holds his BSc in Sociology and Social Psychology from the University of Bradford. He is also a Research Assistant in the Hellenic Centre for Political Research at the Panteion University of Athens. He speaks Greek, English and German. Argyris currently works as a Researcher Fellow for the Hellenic Observatory.