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Research on Contemporary Cyprus

            A.N. Hadjiyiannis Research Fellowship on Contemporary Cyprus

The Hellenic Observatory is very grateful to Mr Andreas Hadjiyiannis for his generous donation for the establishment of a new Research Fellowship at the Hellenic Observatory on Contemporary Cyprus.

This is the first time that the Hellenic Observatory has been able to offer fellowships for research on contemporary Cyprus and this achievement both complements and expands the HO’s mission in the area.


Dr Rebecca Bryant
During her fellowship with the Hellenic Observatory,  Rebecca will continue with three on-going projects and the initiation of two new projects using ethnographic research in unrecognized, breakaway states to investigate everyday construction of sovereignty in a global or transnational order.


Latest Publication:
Cyprus and the Politics of Memory: History, Community and Conflict| Editors: Rebecca Bryant, A.N. Hadjiyiannis Senior Research Fellow, Hellenic Observatory, LSE and Yiannis Papadakis, Associate Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cyprus ( I.B.Tauris, 2012)


Academic Year 2012-13 activities: 

Dr Bryant has completed an outstanding research project on regional perceptions of Turkish foreign policy and she has  continued work on a project on the everyday practice of sovereignty in unrecognised states. At the beginning of the year, she organised a conference, ‘Good Governance in Europe and the Neighbourhood’, co-sponsored by the HO and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)’s Cyprus Centre. The conference, held in Nicosia in October 2012, drew more than thirty scholars from around Europe to discuss the theme of good governance in a period of crisis. In addition, she has completed a co-authored report that analyses neighbourhood perceptions of Turkey’s new foreign policy and that has been published by PRIO.

She completed three articles from her current research that are currently under review, and she has edited a new book 'Shared Spaces and their Dissolution: Practices of Coexistence in the Post-Ottoman Sphere', to be published by University of Pennsylvania Press. That volume grew out of an international conference that she organised in 2011, and it interrogates ‘coexistence’ in the post-Ottoman space to ask what practices enabled centuries of cooperation and sharing, as well as how and when such sharing was disrupted. 

During the year, she gave a number of invited lectures, including in the Turkish Studies Seminar Series at the School of Oriental and African Studies and the Anthropology Department at the University of Kent, Cambridge. In March 2013 she also delivered the first Peter Loizos Memorial Lecture at the LSE, at the invitation of the Association for Greek, Turkish, and Cypriot Affairs.

This year she also co-authored a grant proposal entitled ‘Imagined Sovereignties’ that received four years of funding from Norwegian Research Council, and she has been awarded Leverhulme Trust Fellowship for 2014.

* * *


Dr Nikos Skoutaris
During his fellowship with the Hellenic Observatory, Nicos developed a research agenda entitled ‘Accommodating ethno-territorial conflicts in Europe: A comparative approach to the Cyprus issue’.


Latest Publication: 
THE CYPRUS ISSUE - The Four Freedoms in a Member State under Siege| 
Author: Dr Nikos Skoutaris, A.N. Hadjiyiannis Senior Research Fellow, Hellenic Observatory, LSE (Hart Publishing, 2012)


Academic Year 2012-13 activities:

Dr Skoutaris research has focused on issues arising from Cyprus’ EU membership, EU’s accession to the European Convention of Human Rights and the application of the federal principle in the EU and its Member States.

Concerning the first, he will publish a chapter on the Cyprus Conflict in Turkish-EU Relations in F Cengiz and L Hoffmann (eds), Turkey and the European Union: Facing New Challenges and Opportunities while he was invited by the Centre for the Law of the EU External Relations to comment on the Cyprus’ EU Presidency.

With regard to the second, the successful organization of a workshop on 'The Accession of the EU to the ECHR' funded by the British Academy will lead to the publication of a special issue and an edited volume by the European Journal of Human Rights and Hart Publishing respectively.

As far as it concerns the third, a chapter on the role of sub-state entities in the EU decision-making processes: appeared in E Cloots, G De Baere and S Sottiaux (eds), Federalism in the EU while he will publish a paper on the autonomy of federal and regionalized EU Member States with regard to their institutional design in L’ Europe en Formation.

Finally, he acted as the academic director of the first summer school on ‘Nationalism, Religion and Violence in SE Europe’ which is organised by the International Hellenic University and supported by LSEE-Research on South Eastern Europe, Charles University (Prague) and the Peace Research Institute Oslo.