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HO Director in the Press


                          In this page you will find all press articles and interviews 
         given by the Hellenic Observatory Director, Professor Kevin Featherstone. 


Professor Featherstone in his regular column for the Greek newspaper KATHIMERINI:


Professor Featherstone in his regular column for the Greek newspaper KATHIMERINI:




2011  Professor Featherstone, in his column for the Greek newspaper KATHIMERINI:

Other Press stuff:

  • He was quoted in an article published by The New York Times entitled New Greek Leader Trusted but Untested (10/11/2011).
  • He was quoted in an article by Tom Geoghegan for the BBC News website entitled Who, What, Why: What can technocrats achieve that politicians can't? (14/11/2011).
  • He gave live TV interviews on Sky News & BBC World TV on the agreement to form a new Greek government (6/11/2011).  
  • He gave also a radio interview for ABC, Australia (6/11/2011).
  • Professor Featherstone told Sky News that the vote was a serious threat to Prime Minister Papandreou (4/11/2011).
  • Professor Featherstone commented on the turmoil over Greece's financial future in CNN's Quest Means Business and in BBC Radio Wales (3/11/2011).
  • The Guardian has published an article by Professor Featherstone entitled After Greece's referendum bombshell, where now? discussing 3 different scenarios of what might happen next (2/11/2011).
  • Professor Featherstone commented on the Greek financial crisis in BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Leicester, BBC Suffolk and BBC Humberside (2/11/2011).
  • Professor Featherstone was quoted in an article by Sarah Kliff on the Washington Post entitled At the moment, we could be hours from the collapse of the Greek government (1/11/2011).
  • He was quoted in an article on Europe's financial crisis by The Tokyo Chunichi Newspapers. Click here for a summary of the article in English (23/10/2011).  
  • The Financial Times published a letter by Professor Kevin Featherstone entitled Hasty, indiscriminate cuts will not help Greece (18/10/2011).
  • He gave an interview for a weekly history program on ABC Radio National (Australia) discussing Greece's debt problems (13/7/2011).
  • He was interviewed on the Greek crisis for BBC News 24 TV (28/6/2011) and for BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast Programme (30/6/2011). 
  • He gave an interview discussing the Greek crisis on CNN (28/6/2011). 
  • He had an Op-Ed on the Greek crisis entitled Greece on the edge publishes in the International Herald Tribune (27/6/2011). 
  • He did a  live interview for CNN discussing the Greek crisis (15/6/2011).
  • Professor Featherstone gave a live  television interview for the World Business Report on BBC World Television (11/5/2011).
  • He was quoted in the Portuguese daily newspaper Público on an article on Greece - one year since the bailout (part 1 & part 2) (23/4/2011).



Professor Featherstone in the GREEK PRESS: 

  • Professor Kevin Featherstone and Dr Dimitris Papadimitriou gave an interview to the Greek newspaper 'Naftemporiki' focusing on the publication of the Greek translation of the book they have co-authored 'The Limits of Europeanisation: Reform Capacity and Policy Conflict in Greece', published by Okto Publishers, Athens (5/11/2010).
  • The Greek Newspaper 'Ta Nea' carried a two-page feature article previewing the publication on October 20th of the Greek translation of the book by Prof. Kevin Featherstone (Hellenic Observatory Director) and Dr. Dimitris Papadimitriou (University of Manchester), 'The Limits of Europeanisation: Reform Capacity and Policy Conflict in Greece' (9/10/2010).
  • Was interviewed from the Greek Newspaper TO VIMA in connection with the institutional changes about to be introduced by the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou (29/8/2010). 
  • Gave an interview at the Greek Newspaper TA NEA on his appointment as member of the Special Committee of Non-Greek Experts to advise the Greek Government on the 'Government Modernisation' (link). Likewise, another similar interview in Athens News (link).
  • Discussed 'Who holds the power? The Prime Minister, the cabinet and the reality' in the Journal 'Economiki Epitheorisi' (April 2010 issue).


Professor Featherstone in the UK & OTHER PRESS: 

  • Was quoted in the Online BBC Business News on an article about 'Greece claims deficit cut by 40% in first half of year' (5/7/2010).
  • Gave an interview in BBC Radio 4's 'File on Four' programme, discussing bribery in Greece (link starting at 01:23) (25/5/2010).
  • Wrote an article in the e-journal Re-public on the need for the European Union to gain / create a new 'big idea' (link).
  • Was quoted in the Guardian, on Monday 12 April, talking about Greece's Prime Minister George Papandreou (link) (12/4/2010).
  • Wrote an article in the Guardian arguing that 'if Greece is to recover, it needs EU support. Politics, more than economics, will determine its fate' (link).
  • Was quoted in a report on British attitudes towards the Euro, the Governance of the Euro and the Greek fiscal crisis, in the Belgian Newspaper L'Echo (8/6/2010).

Professor Featherstone on the GREEK FISCAL CRISIS: 

  • Discussed the implications of 'Enforced Europeanisation' for Greece, in Kathimerini Daily Newspaper (8/6/2010).
  • Gave an interview to the China Business News TV & Chinese Financial daily  for a special news coverage about the European debt crisis from different aspects, aired 1st June (link in Chinese) (24/5/2010).
  • Wrote an article titled 'Sticky, but not sisyphean' for Dods 'House Magazine' (18/5/2010).
  • Was interviewed by the Evening Standard on the Greek Crisis (7/5/2010).
  • Was interviewed live by CNN  on the Greek Crisis (6/5/2010).
  • Wrote an article in the Guardian, titled 'Angela Merkel is pushing Greece beyond the pain threshold' (30/4/2010).
  • Gave an interview on the Greek financial crisis to BBC News website (28/4/2010)
  • Gave a live Sky TV News interview,on the Greek crisis and the Euro (24/4/2010).
  • Was quoted in the Portuguese daily newspaper Público, on an article about the Aid Request, the Greek Prime Minister announced on the (23/4/2010).
  • Was quoted in a leading Bulgarian weekly publication 'Capital Weekly' on the Greek Crisis and its angles that matter other Balkan states (1st article, 2nd article) (April 2010).
  • Talked at The Wall Street Journal for a mini-documentary series on Greece, titled 'Anatomy of a Debt Crisis'. Prof Featherstone speaks at 2:07 and 8:30 minutes (March 2010).
  • Gave an interview in ABC Radio, Australia, on Greece & the EURO' (31/3/2010).
  • Gave an interview on NBC TV (USA) for the 'Nightly News' programme, that ran a report on 11 March on the 'Greek fiscal crisis' (11/3/2010).
  • Wrote an article on Greek Economic Crisis, in the Spanish newspaper 'El Mundo' (March 2010).
  • Was quoted in New York Times, on the European Union Commission and Greek Fiscal data (22/2/2010).
  • Spoke on Sky News 'Jeff Randall Live Tonight'. The programme covered the EU endorsing the new Greek budget and discussed the issues that this raises for both Greece and the EU as a whole (3/2/2010).
  • ARD TV, Germany, interviewed Professor Featherstone about the current economic pressures in Greece and their implications for the euro-zone (31/1/2010).
  • Wrote an article in the Guardian arguing that 'if Greece is to recover, it needs EU support. Politics, more than economics, will determine its fate' (31/1/2010).
  • Talked on 'The World Tonight' at 10:00pm with Robin Lustig on the Greek Economy and Greece's Economic Crisis and how the crisis in Greece affects the Euro-zone; Professor Featherstone's interview starts at 36.25 minutes and ends at 40.35 minutes (29/1/2010).

Featherstone, in his regular column for the Greek newspaper KATHIMERINI:



Professor Featherstone, in his regular column for the Greek newspaper KATHIMERINI:


Other Press stuff:

  • Professor Featherstone comments on the prospects for the new Greek government headed by LSE-alumnus George Papandreou in Kathimerini (link).
  • Professor Featherstone comments on CNN regarding Greek elections (link).
  • Two new press articles from HO's Director Professor Kevin Featherstone about the Greek political system and about Greek Universities



Prof. Kevin Featherstone, wrote an extended article entitled 'The Deeper Causes of the Greek Crisis' in ' I Kathimerini', the leading Greek newspaper on Sunday. He argued that there is a 'systemic problem of governance' in Greece, which requires a shift of cultural attitudes to enable the rhetoric of reform of the state and the liberalisation of society to become reality. Greeks need to face up to the contradictions in their own social attitudes, between craving a European 'modernity', and sustaining traditional habits of favours and accepting petty corruption.

10/12/08 22:47 (Bloomberg): Greek Policemen Held in Shooting That Sparked 5 Days of Riots Two Athens policemen charged with the shooting of a teenager that touched off five days of rioting were ordered to remain in jail pending trial, as a previously planned general strike shut down much of Greece and disrupted travel. Kevin Featherstone, director of the Hellenic Observatory at the London School of Economics, said the riots were rooted in anger at both parties over a culture of corruption. 

BBC 'News 24', BBC World TV News, BBC World Radio

Professor Kevin Featherstone, Director of the Hellenic Observatory and Eleftherios Venizelos Chair in Contemporary Greek Studies commented on the current situation in Greece.

Article by HO's Director on US elections: Prof. Kevin Featherstone wrote an article on US elections published in the Greek Newspaper 'Kathimerini'. To read it please click here.

Professor Kevin Featherstone gave an interview to the Greek newspaper 'TA NEA' on Saturday 15th December 2007.

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