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Academic Year 2006-7 Seminars


Tuesday, 17 October 2006
Balkan Immigration to Greece Spatialities of Urbanism in Modern Greek Political Culture 
by Theodore Lianos, Department of Economics, Athens University of Business and Economics


Tuesday, 24 October 2006 
The Hellenic Plan for Reconstruction in the Balkans: A Challenge for Greek Foreign Policy 
by Charalambos Tsardanidis, Institute of International Economic Relations, Greece (ppt presentation)


Tuesday, 7 November  2006
Institutions and the Implementation of EU Policy in Greece: The Case of Public Procurement 
by Dionyssis G. Dimitrakopoulos, National Bank of Greece Senior Research Fellow, Hellenic Observatory, LSE (paper)


Tuesday, 5 December 2006
Gaining from Migration: The Cases of Albania and Bulgaria
by Eugenia Markova, Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance Senior Research Fellow, Hellenic Observatory, LSE


Tuesday, 16 January 2007
Wage Differentials in Greece: Inter-industry Differentials, Gender Pay Gap, Low-wage Workers, Public and Private Sector Pay
by Elias Ioakeimoglou, Economic Advisor at the Institute of Labour, Greece. Senior Research at the Cyprus Institute of Labour


Tuesday, 23 January 2007
Subsidising European Industry: Is Greece an Exception?
by Nikolaos Zahariadis, Associate Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA; National Bank of Greece Senior Research Fellow, Hellenic Observatory, LSE (paper


Tuesday, 30 January 2007
Adding Value to the Legacy: post-Olympic utilisation of the Athens 2004 venues
by Christos Hajiemmanouil, President of the Hellenic Olympic Properties, Greece


Tuesday, 13 February 2007
Olympic Airways: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Insights into the Governance Issues of Greek State-owned Enterprises 
by Professor Rigas Doganis, Former CEO of Olympic Airways, Rigas Doganis & Associates, UK (ppt presentation)  


Tuesday, 27 February 2007
Social and Economic Aspects of Ageing and Social Protection 
by Platon Tinios, University of Piraeus, Greece


Tuesday, 13 March 2007
Entrepreneurship in Greece
by Takis Politis, Scientific Advisor of IOVE (Foundation of Economic and Industrial Research), Greece (ppt presentation)