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Academic Year 2005-6 Seminars


Tuesday, 11 October 2005
Euro-Turkish Relations and Cyprus by
Andreas Theophanous, Research and Development Centre Director, Intercollege, Cyprus
(ppt presentation)


Tuesday, 25 October 2005
Col. Papadopoulos and the Seduction of the 'Mother of Parliaments'
by Richard Clogg, Emeritus Fellow, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford 
(ppt presentation)


Tuesday, 8 November 2005
Complying with the EU? the politics of reforming Olympic Airways, 1994-2003 
by Kevin Featherstone, Hellenic Observatory Director, LSE 
(ppt presentation)


Tuesday, 22 November 2005
The Political Economy of the Regional Allocation of Public Investment in Greece, 1976-2004 
by Yiannis Psycharis, Assistant Professor, Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly
(ppt presentation)


Tuesday, 29 November 2005
Structural Reforms in Greece: lessons from the Irish model for the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy 
by Eleni Louri, Athens University of Economics and Business; Office of the Greek Prime Minister (ppt presentation)


Tuesday, 6 December 2005
Poverty and Social Policy in Greece: economic modernisation, social cracks and the contradictions of corporatism 
by Elias Kikilias, National Centre for Social Research (EKKE), Greece 
(ppt presentation)




Tuesday, 17 January 2006
Spatialities of Urbanism in Modern Greek Political Culture 
by Lila Leontidou, Dean School of Humanities, Hellenic Open University (abstract)


Tuesday, 31 January 2006
Aspects of Crisis and Reform Interventions in Greek State Bureaucracy and Administration
by Antonis Makrydemetres, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens; Greek Prime Minister's Office


Tuesday, 7 March 2006
The Balkan Economic Migration to Greece 
by Antigoni Lyberaki, Department of Economic and Regional Development, Panteion Univeristy (ppt presentation)


Tuesday,14 March 2006
Education Reform in Greece
by Thanos Veremis, National Education Council Director; Professor, Department of International and European Studies, University of Athens