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Academic Year 2005-6 Seminars


Tuesday, 11 October 2005
Euro-Turkish Relations and Cyprus by
Andreas Theophanous, Research and Development Centre Director, Intercollege, Cyprus
(ppt presentation|)


Tuesday, 25 October 2005
Col. Papadopoulos and the Seduction of the 'Mother of Parliaments'
by Richard Clogg, Emeritus Fellow, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford 
(ppt presentation|)


Tuesday, 8 November 2005
Complying with the EU? the politics of reforming Olympic Airways, 1994-2003 
by Kevin Featherstone, Hellenic Observatory Director, LSE 
(ppt presentation|)


Tuesday, 22 November 2005
The Political Economy of the Regional Allocation of Public Investment in Greece, 1976-2004 
by Yiannis Psycharis, Assistant Professor, Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly
(ppt presentation|)


Tuesday, 29 November 2005
Structural Reforms in Greece: lessons from the Irish model for the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy 
by Eleni Louri, Athens University of Economics and Business; Office of the Greek Prime Minister (ppt presentation|)


Tuesday, 6 December 2005
Poverty and Social Policy in Greece: economic modernisation, social cracks and the contradictions of corporatism 
by Elias Kikilias, National Centre for Social Research (EKKE), Greece 
(ppt presentation|)




Tuesday, 17 January 2006
Spatialities of Urbanism in Modern Greek Political Culture 
by Lila Leontidou, Dean School of Humanities, Hellenic Open University (abstract|)


Tuesday, 31 January 2006
Aspects of Crisis and Reform Interventions in Greek State Bureaucracy and Administration
by Antonis Makrydemetres, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens; Greek Prime Minister's Office


Tuesday, 7 March 2006
The Balkan Economic Migration to Greece 
by Antigoni Lyberaki, Department of Economic and Regional Development, Panteion Univeristy (ppt presentation|)


Tuesday,14 March 2006
Education Reform in Greece
by Thanos Veremis, National Education Council Director; Professor, Department of International and European Studies, University of Athens