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2012-13 Seminar Series

Greece: The Persistence of Political Terrorism

Speaker : Dr George Kassimeris
Reader in Terrorism Studies, University of Wolverhampton
Chair : Professor Kevin Featherstone
Hellenic Observatory Director; Eleftherios Venizelos Professor of Contemporary Greek Studies & Professor of European Politics;

LSEE-Research on South Eastern Europe Co-Chair

Date :

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Greece has one of the most sustained problems of political terrorism anywhere in the world. From the mid-1970s to the present, the country’s political and socio-economic institutions have been confronted by systematic terrorist violence mainly at the hands of revolutionary guerrilla groups.

The long story of Greek terrorism was thought to have ended in the summer of 2002 with the collapse of the country’s premier terrorist group and one of Europe’s longest-running gangs, the notorious Revolutionary Organization 17 November (17N). 17N’s dismantling and imprisonment, rather than demoralizing and emasculating the country’s armed struggle movement, led instead to the emergence of new urban guerrilla groups and an increase and intensification of revolutionary violence.

This seminar placed Greek extremist violence in a broader political and cultural perspective and explained why it has become a permanent fixture of national public life.


Dr George Kassimeris with his recently published book: "Inside Greek Terrorism" 


Dr George Kassimeris introducing his research



 Dr George Kassimeris and Professor Kevin Featherstone (chair)


Dr George Kassimeris explaining his interviewing technique with political prisoners


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