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2013 Public Lecture

                                                  Greece's way out of the crisis                  

Alexis Tsipras
President of SYRIZA - USF (Official Opposition Party, Greece)



Thursday, 14 March 2013


18:30 - 20:00


Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academing Building, LSE 

Chair Professor Kevin Featherstone, Hellenic Observatory Director, LSE

Alexis Tsipras, Leader of SYRIZA-USF, and Leader of the Official Opposition in the Greek Government, gave a public lecture for the Hellenic Observatory entitled, ‘Greece’s way out of the Crisis’.  He delivered the lecture in English.  He began with the proposition that: ‘The policies of austerity that are being implemented in Europe, not only in the eurozone, but also here in the UK, do not appear to be providing a viable exit from the crisis. They do not even seem to be the preconditions for such an exit. On the contrary, they are deepening the crisis and making any such exit in the future more difficult’.

He went on to argue that: ‘The centre-left has forgotten that all the previous gains of social democracy came after massive social mobilizations of ordinary people. That we can talk of reforming the ECB, Eurobonds, fiscal transfers - which may all be solutions - but none of these are likely to happen without such social mobilization. In the past, elites have never given up their power and privileges willingly. It is unlikely they will do so in the future. Only a democratic drive to change the balance of class forces within Europe can bring about a progressive exit’.

After the lecture, Mr. Tsipras answered questions from Professor Kevin Featherstone, Director of the Hellenic Observatory, and from the general audience.  A reception with students, staff, and guests followed.

The Event was widely covered by the media: ethnos.grinews, Kathimerini, SKAI, To Vima and many more. 


From left to right:
Dr Spyros Economides, Hellenic Observatory Deputy Director; 
H.E. Konstantinos Bikas, Ambassador of Greece;
Professor Kevin Featherstone, Hellenic Observatory Director;
Mr Alexis Tsipras, President of SYRIZA-USF;
 Professor Paul Kelly, LSE Pro-director for teaching and learning; 
Professor Euklid Tsakalotos, SYRIZA MP



Mr Tsipras delivering his speech


Part of the audience in the Sheikh Zayed Theatre




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