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2013 Workshop

Anthropological Perspectives on the Crisis in Southern Europe


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Friday, 28 June 2013


11:00 - 16:15


Daryll Forde Seminar Room, Anthropology Department, UCL


Dr Daniel M. Knight, Hellenic Observatory, LSE 
Professor Charles Stewart, Anthropology Department, UCL

Co-funded by UCL Anthropology and the Hellenic Observatory, LSE, this workshop provided an arena for comparative discussion on the impact of socioeconomic crisis in southern Europe (Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain) and built upon the success of the 2012-13 Research and Reading Group ‘Crisis: Social Suffering and Temporality’. Contributors considered issues of historical consciousness and temporality, social movements and protest, suffering and material poverty in the context of eurozone crisis and fiscal austerity.

The conveners felt it was particularly important to accommodate the perspectives of scholars from institutions in crisis-stricken nations. In the morning session Irene Sabaté (Barcelona) offered a perspective on the uncertainty of homeownership in Spain, Stavroula Pipyrou (St. Andrews) discussed the rise of second-hand clothing markets in South Italy, whilst Catarina Frois (Lisbon) fell victim to the crisis and was prevented from travel due to general strikes in Portugal. After lunch, Dimitrios Theodossopoulos (Kent) presented the dangers of pathologizing protest in Greece and Victoria Goddard (Goldsmiths) discussed the comparative example of economic crisis experience in Argentina. Massimiliano Mollona (Goldsmiths) led the question and answer session.

The workshop concluded with an open round-table debate, followed by a reception and dinner with contributors and guests. The audience included established academics, university and pre-university students, government officials and members of the public.

                                                               EVENT PHOTOS

General scene - Charles Stewart and Daniel Knight chairing Irene Sabate


Irene Sabate presenting (morning session)


Victoria Goddard and Dimitrios Theodossopoulos (afternoon session)