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Panels & Papers

                                                       Thursday, 4 June 2015

SESSION I (11:15 - 12:45)

Panel 1: Economics I (The Greek Labour Market)
Chair: Dr. Vassilis Monastiriotis (LSE)
Room: TW1 2.01


Karakitsios Alexandros
Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

Minimum wage effects on employment and wage distribution

Lampropoulou Nikolitsa
University of Patras, Greece 

The Incidence of Long-Term Unemployment in Greece: Evidence Before and During the Recession

Tourtouri Myrto
University of Thessaly, Greece

An evaluation of labour market interventions in the face of the Greek crisis


Panel 2: Foreign Relations (Historical Ties)
Chair: Dr. Spyros Economides (LSE)
Room: TW1 2.02


Fotiadis Ruza
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

“Traditional Friends and Orthodox Brothers” – The Making of the  Greek-Serbian Friendship in the 1990s

Meyn Bojana
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Non-Alignment in Europe: The establishment of Yugoslav-Cypriot relations and the Tito-Makarios Bond 1959-1962

Rizou Maria
King's College of London, UK
A crisis foreshadowed; history replaying. The Bank of England, the National Bank of Greece and the external loan of 1924 


Panel 3: Greek Politics I
Chair: Dr. Theofanis Exadaktylos (University of Surrey) & Dr. Sotiris Zartaloudis (University of Birmingham)
Room: TW1 2.03


Kartsounidou Evangelia
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Views of Greek Candidate MPs on political issues after the election of 2015

Koliastasis Panos
Queen Mary University of London, UK 
The permanent campaign of Greek Prime Ministers (1996-2011)

Nikolaidou Maria
University of Athens, Greece

The role of Greece in the Council of Ministers from 2000 till today: The Greek stimulus to the ECOFIN. How do we assess the role of Greece in coalition building?


Panel 4: Cyprus
Chair: Dr. James Ker-Lindsay (LSE) & Dr. Nikos Skoutaris (UEA / LSE)
Room: TW1 2.03


Antoniades Euripides
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

The Liberation struggle in Cyprus and the Greek-Cypriot press: The positions of the leading Greek-Cypriot Press “Eleftheria”, “O Phileleftheros” and “Haravgi” in 1957-1960

Antoniou Katerina
University of Central Lancashire, UK

Positive Implications of Dark Tourism in a de facto Post-conflict Area

Mavris Melissa
University of Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

The Projection of the Small State, Smallness, Powerhood, Security; The Case of the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) for the Instance of the Sovereign Base Areas (SBA’s)

Varnava Marilena
School of Advanced Study, University of London, UK
Cyprus 1964-1974: The re-organization of the Turkish-Cypriot community and the foundations of a separate de facto administration


SESSION II (16:00 - 17:30) 

Panel 1: Political Culture (Historical Identities in Greece)
Chair: Dr. Konstantina Maragkou (LSE) & Dr. Sofia Vasilopoulou (University of York)
Room: TW1 2.01


Efthymiadou Christina
University of Warwick, UK

“They will never become European!”: Perceptions of Europe and Europeanness through Othering processes in Greece

Konstantinou Iro
University of Warwick, UK

Constructing nationals: building national identities within schools in Greece
Paravantis Spero
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Twice a Sacrificial Lamb? Comparing the politics of anticommunism  and austerity through the Greek crises of the 1940s  and the present 


Panel 2: Economics II (Policy Options and External Constraints)
Chair: Prof. Nicos Christodoulakis (Athens University of Economics and Business)
Room: TW1 2.02


Kostarakos Ilias
University of Athens, Greece

Fiscal Policy Design in Greece in the Aftermath of the Crisis:  An Algorithmic Approach

Lialiouti  Georgia
Panteion University, Greece

The Greek Banking System and Economic Development 1952-1980: Policy Aspects and Implications

Zivanaris Michalis
University of Kent, UK

The Cypriot bail-in within the new world order


Panel 3: Greek Politics II (The Political Impact of Austerity)
Chair: Prof. Dimitris Papadimitriou (University of Manchester)
Room: TW1 2.03

Henshaw Russell
University of Oxford, UK
Making Sense of Crisis - debts and discourses

Metinsoy Saliha
University of Oxford, UK

Political turmoil in Greece under the IMF Programme:  Labour Immobility, External Conditionality and Political Unrest

Papandreou Marios
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
The Greek austerity measures in the light of international human rights law
Tzagarakis Stelios - Kamekis Apostolos
University of Crete, Greece
Social consequences of welfare state deregulation in Greece


Panel 4: Foreign Relations II
Chair: Dr. George Kyris (University of Birmingham)
Room: TW1 2.04


Myrodias Konstantinos
London School of Economics, UK

Greece and the ‘new Middle East’: risks and opportunities

Tselepou Maria
University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Public Diplomacy and the Republic of Cyprus: Potentials and Perils
Yellice Gürhan
Panteion University, Greece
The Greek Reaction to the American Involvement in the Cyprus Crisis of 1964

                                                           Friday, 5 June 2015

                                                       SESSION III (12:00 - 13:30)   

Panel 1: Contemporary Challenges in Public Policy 
Chair: Dr. Bernard Casey (Warwick University / LSE) & Dr. Athanasia Chalari (University of Worcester / LSE)
Room: TW1 2.01


Karagiannis Angelos
University of Athens, Greece

Assessing networked leadership in educational institutions
Kolimenakis Antonios
Panteion University, Greece

The importance of the economic appraisal of public control and prevention strategies in Greece in the era of economic crisis

Petrou Panagiotis
Open University of Cyprus. Cyprus
Cyprus in crisis: Recent changes in the pharmaceutical market and options for further reforms without sacrificing access or quality of treatment


Panel 2: Economics III (Regional Policy) 
Chair: Prof. Achilleas Mitsos (University of the Aegean)
Room: TW1 2.02

Kehagia Adamantia
University of Peloponnese, Greece

Factors affecting the effectiveness of structural funds: The Greek experience


Panel 3: Economics IV (Entrepreneurship and Female Employment in Greece) 
Chair: Prof. Elias Dinenis (University of Nicosia / LSE) & Dr. Rebecca Bryant (LSE)
Room: TW1 2.03


Gianna Ermela
Panteion University, Greece

Women’s Employment and Family Business
Glyniadaki Aikaterini
Panteion University, Greece
Gender Stereotypes in Times of Crisis: A case study in Greece
Panagiotopoulou Milena
University of Crete, Greece
The new stratification in digital era


Panel 4: Greece & Migration Policy 
Chair: Dr. Rosa Vasilaki (LSE)
Room: TW1 2.04


Chatziprokopiou Marios
Aberystwyth University, UK

Ashura in Piraeus:The Performance and Politics of Lamentation by Shi'ite Pakistani Migrants in Greece

Dimitrakopoulou Fani
University of Athens, Greece

Bureaucracy and the implementation of Migration Law

Iliadou Theologia
University of Warwick, UK

The Securitization of Female Migrant Domestic Labour in Greece since 1990s
Kalantzi Foteini
University of Macedonia, Greece
The Securitisation of Migration in Greece: the role of Europeanisation



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