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Symposium papers

                                                                 SESSION I

  • Panel 1 - Media and Communication
    Chair: Dr Nikos Papadakis, London School of Economics

Yiorgos Alimonos

News flow in the age of Globalisation: the inter-relation of local, national and global|

London Metropolitan University

Clio Kenterelidou

Public Political Communication and Media. The case of contemporary Greece|

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Areti Kondylidou

A Media Anthropology: Greek TV News|

Paris III, Sorbonne-Nouvelle, France

Iordanis Kotzaivazoglou

The Evolution In The Image Presentation Of Parliamentary Candidates In The Greek Press|

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


  • Panel 2 - Foreign Policy I
    Chair: Dr Spyros Economides, London School of Economics
Anastasios Karakatsanis A small actor within an institutionalized group of states: Institutional-realism as a framework of analysis|  University of East Anglia, UK
George Koukoudakis The Foreign Policy of Greece as a Member of a Security Community| University of Athens, Greece
Anna-Elisabeth Tsakona Anti-Americanism in Greece: the case of Kosovo, 1999|  University of Cambridge, UK
George Tzogopoulos Greece and Gulf War II| Loughborough University, UK


  • Panel 3 - Health and Welfare Policy
    Chair: Dr George Tsakos, Royal Free University College London Medical School
Angeliki Liarigovinou The new role of the Private Health Sector in the welfare state in Greece| University of Athens, Greece
Athanasios Nikolentzos Can existing theories of Professions, Institutions and Medical Power explain the Greek health care reforms since 1983?| London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
Athina Vlachantoni Greek pension reform and the change 'from within'| London School of Economics, UK


  • Panel 4 - Greece and the EU: Politics
    Chair: Dr Dimitrios Papadimitriou, University of Manchester
Vasiliki Karageorgiou The EU impact on the Orthodox Church of Greece| Edinburgh University, UK 
Vasilis Margaras Representing Greece in Brussels:  the paradox of a fragmented national image| Loughborough University, UK
Themistocles Papadimopoulos;
Triantafyllos Karatrantos;
Georgios Liakis; 
Antonis Ntatzopoulos
Proposing a Model for a National Hellenic Strategic Culture| University of Aegean, Greece;
 University of Aegean, Greece;
University of Wales, UK;
City University of London, UK


                                                                  SESSION 2

  • Panel 1 - Media and Technology
    Chair: Dr Petros Iosifidis, City University, London
Dimitris Boucas Encouraging the national variations of the information society: the peculiarities of the 'Greek model| London School of Economics, UK
Ifigeneia Milona A study of Internet use by Greek and British academics. A contribution to the globalisation debate| Technical Educational Institute of West Macedonia; Greece  University of Ioannina, Greece
Paschalia Spyridou Web-based News Consumption: The Case of Greek Journalism Students| Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 
Panayiota Tsatsou Internet and Social Perceptions in Greece: Digital or 'Cultural' Divides into Shaping? The role of regulation in the closing of divides| London School of Economics, UK


  • Panel 2 - Foreign Policy II
    Chair: Professor Nikolaos Zahariadis, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Apostolos Agnantopoulos The Europeanisation of Greek Foreign Policy. A Conceptual Framework and an Empirical Application in Greek-Turkish Relations| University of Birmingham, UK
Spyridon Kotsovilis Exploring the Sources of Greek Foreign Policy Towards the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia| McGill University, Canada
Kyriakos Kouveliotis The Impact Of European Integration On The Diplomatic And Strategic Domains Of Greece| Global Education Consulting
Nikos Panagiotou The role of Mass Media in Foreign Policy: The case of Greece| Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


  • Panel 3 - Migration and Minorities I
    Chair: Dr Gerasimos Konidaris, University of Sheffield
Panos Hatziprokopiou Immigrants' integration and social change: Greece as a multicultural society| Middlesex University, UK
Periklis Papandreou  Ambivalent immigration policies, uncertain outcomes: Children of immigrants in Greece at the crossroads| London School of Economics, UK
Eleni-Andriani Sampatakou  Immigration's Part in the Reconfiguration of Citizenship: the Greek Case| University of Athens, Greece
Maria Xenitidou 'Greek national identity' within the framework of the post-1990's migration from the Balkans: A discursive social constructionist approach| University of Sheffield, UK


  • Panel 4 - Domestic Politics I
    Chair: Professor Kevin Featherstone, London School of Economics
Theodora Kotsaka - Kalaitzidaki The human geography of PASOK: 1974-1981| University of Athens, Greece
Elias Dinas  Was it Karamanlis who won it or Papandreou who lost it? The impact of leaders' image in the 2004 Greek election| University of Macedonia, Greece 
Lamprini Rori Electoral Defeat as stimulus for party change: The consolidation of PASOK's change process from the extraordinary to the 7th congress| Paris 1 University, Sorbonne, France


  • Panel 5 - History I
    Chairs: Professor Stathis Kalyvas, Yale University, USA
               & Dr Philip Carabott, King's College, London
Emili Jüngling Perception of the facts about the coup in Cyprus (15th of July 1974) in the Cyprus daily press|  University of Cologne, Germany 
Konstantina Maragkou  British reactions to the 'rape of Greek democracy'| University of Cambridge, UK
Alexandros Nafpliotis The British Labour government's policy towards the Greek Colonels, (1967-68)| London School of Economics, UK
Rigas Raftopoulos Between Italy And Greece: Resistance, Dictatorship And The "Unfreezing" Cold War (1967-1974)| University La Sapienza - Rome, Italy


  • Panel 6 - State and Society
    Chair: Professor Nicos Mouzelis, London School of Economics
Vassilis Ioakimidis Back to the future: exploring the political construction of social work in Greece| Liverpool University, UK
Panagiotis Kapotas Gender Equality And Positive Measures For Women In Greece| London School of Economics, UK
Katerina Rozakou Voluntary Work with Refugees: Exploring Cross-cultural Meetings "In the Street"| University of the Aegean, Greece
Eleni Sardianou Household Energy Conservation Patterns: Evidence From Greece| Harokopio University, Greece
Vicky Skiftou Within social and cultural practices of Greek society subjects negotiate a series of issues that are related to family and the complexities of it| Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK
Spyros Themelis The concept of social class in modern Greek sociology| Institute of Education, University of London, UK


                                                                SESSION 3

  • Panel 1 - Greece and the EU: Public Policy
    Chair: Professor Panos Tsakloglou, London School of Economics
Tassos Chardas EU Cohesion Policy and Comparative Political Economy. The cases of Greece and Ireland| University of Sussex, UK
Kyriakos Hatzaras Multi-level governance, Europeanisation and the poorest EU region: Epirus and the 2nd Community Support Framework| London School of Economics, UK
Michael Kaeding Legal borders in the EU - Transposition of Directives in Southern Europe: Explaining deviations from the contents of directives in Greece, France and Spain. An organizational approach| University of Leiden, The Netherlands
Konstantinos Maragakis Greek Economic Interests and The Single European Act: The Market Takes Over?| University of Athens, Greece
Michael J. Romanos Shipping, the State and the Market: EU Maritime Transport Policy and public-private relations in Greek shipping| London School of Economics, UK


  • Panel 2 - Domestic Politics II
    Chairs: Professor Kevin Featherstone, London School of Economics
               & Mr Roman Gerodimos, University of Bournemouth
Vasilios W. Alevizakos Party Strategies and the Risk of Democratic Breakdown: Evidence from Greece and Spain| London School of Economics, UK
Ioannis Filandros  The founding proclamation of the national radical union in the context of the Christian democratic culture| European University Institute of Florence, Italy
Irene Martin  Contending explanations about interest in politics in two new democracies: Greece and Spain| Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Barbara Syrrakos  Methodological and Conceptual Problems Concerning Analysis of Political Participation of Greek Farmers| New School University - New York, USA


  • Panel 3 - Migration and Minorities II
    Chair: Dr Gerasimos Konidaris, University of Sheffield
Ifigeneia Kokkali Albanian immigration and urban transformations in Greece: Albanian migrant strategies in Thessaloniki, Greece| Institut Français d'Urbanisme (Paris 8), France
Vasiliki Kravva Mobilising geographies: notions of Greek-Cypriot diaspora in London| LSE external programme,  Thessaloniki, Greece 
Thanos Maroukis On Racism in Greek Immigration Services| Panteion University of Social and Political Science, Athens
Vasiliki Papageorgiou The experience of paid domestic work in the context of Albanian migration to Greece. A case study| University of the Aegean, Greece


  • Panel 4 - Culture
    Chairs: Professor Dimitris Tziovas, University of Birmingham
               & Dr Dimitris Papanikolaou, Oxford University
Athanasia Chalari Why Greeks talk at the same time all together: Examining the phenomenon of overlaps in everyday Greek conversations| PhD Candidate, University of Warwick, UK 
Charitini Karakostaki The emergence of a collectivity in the state of individualism. A sociological approach of EURO 2004| PhD Candidate, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), France 
Dimitris Paivanas Cold Wars after 1989:The Reception of Thanasis Valtinos' Orthokosta| PhD Candidate, University of Birmingham, UK
Marietta Papadatou-
Political apathy amongst the Greek students: is learned helplessness the corollary of their perception of the quality of the democracy in Greece? An empirical study| PhD Candidate, University of Oxford, UK


  • Panel 5 - Economics and Finance
    Chair: Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis, London School of Economics
Katerina Voutsina "IT experts in flexible forms of employment": Activity Theory as a description tool of IT freelancers' everyday practice and experience| PhD Candidate, London School of Economics, UK
Konstantinos Pouliakas Socio-Economic Differences in the Perceived Quality of High and Low-Paid Jobs in Greece| PhD Candidate, University of Aberdeen, UK


  • Panel 6 - Identity
    Chair: Professor Peter Loizos, London School of Economics
Ivi Daskalaki Negotiating Distinctiveness at the Margins of the School: The  Centrality of Childhood for Definitions of Greek-Gypsyness| Goldsmiths College - University of London, UK
Sakis Gekas Class formation in the Ionian Islands during the period of British rule, 1814-1864| London School of Economics, UK
Simeon Magliveras Strategies of Success and Limitation in an Arvanite Village| University of Durham, UK