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Symposium Papers

Plenary Speeches


Symposium Papers

1. Aspects of Greek history


2. Economics and economic policy in Greece


3. Greece and the EU


4. Ideational and strategic aspects of Greek international relations


5. Identity politics in Greece


6. Popular culture, ideology and the media


7. Political development and change

  • Alevizakos, Vasilis (London School of Economics)  
    When Democracy is Not the Only Game in Town: Party Strategies During the Process of Democratic Consolidation Greece


8. Beyond traditional politics

  • Karyotis, George (University of Edinburgh) 
    Greek Terrorism: the demystification of the 'phantom organisation' 17 November 


9. Organised interests and public policy


10. Facing the challenge of multiculturalism

  • Themelis, Spyros (University of Bristol)
    The Role of Education in the Social Mobility of a Roma Group in North-West, Greece