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The Hellenic Observatory organizes a number of one-off and recurrent conferences both in London and in Greece.

The aim of these events is twofold: one the one hand, to raise the awareness of the wider academic and policy communities about issues concerning Greece and Southeast Europe; on the other, to stimulate the social dialogue and inform the academic and policy debates on such issues in Greece and Southeast Europe.

These conferences bring together policy experts, government officials, academics and practitioners and are regularly attended by large audiences and attract significant publicity by local media.

                                              Past Conferences

volos conference

Friday 4th and Saturday 5th April 2014
'The Greek Economy: from Crisis to Development'|
Venue: Volos, Thessaly, Greece
Two Day Conference co-organised by the Department of Planning and Regional Development, School of Engineering, University of Thessaly, the Hellenic Observatory, LSE and the Centre of Planning and Economic Research
Nowadays, Greece faces the long-lasting effects of a financial, structural and social crisis and it is of primary importance to be subject of Institutional reforms and strategic development in order to exit from this deep recession. For this to happen, it is vital to understand the actions and policies that have been implemented up to date, to reconsider and capture the economy’s full potential and to form a development plan which will focus on the reconstruction of the State and the Production System. The Conference’s main goal is to offer an open dialogue and to discuss the changes to be made in a wide range of matters that will lead to the development and prosperity of the country.


Reviving Famagusta; From Ghost Town to Eco-city?
Friday, 21 February 2014
A half-day conference organised by the Hellenic Observatory and Contemporary Turkish Studies, LSE
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Open-Society Conference

Greek Politics in Crisis: Challenges to the Open Society
Friday, 29 November 2013
One day conference organised by the Hellenic Observatory and the Open Society European Policy Institute
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The Euro, Greece & the Southern Periphery
10 October 2013
A British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce Conference, in collaboration with the Hellenic Observatory and the Council of British Chambers of Commerce In Europe
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Whither Social Policy? Social Policy in Greece in times of Crisis
17 May 2013
University of the Peloponnese, Department of Social and Educational Policy in association with the Hellenic Observatory
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2nd Annual Conference
Young Greek Minds: Leading Our Country to a Better Future
22 April 2013
Hellenic Alumni of London School of Economics and Political Science
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The Crisis of the Eurozone: Challenges & Opportunities For the European South
18 April 2013
The Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (EENE) Annual Economic Forum in conjunction with the Hellenic Observatory.
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Good Governance in Europe and the Neighbourhood
26-27 October 2012
PRIO Cyprus Centre Annual Conference, co-sponsored with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung & Hellenic Observatory
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Institutions of Economic Governance for an Incomplete Union
17 April 2012
One-day Conference organised by the European Institute, the Centre for European Reform and the Hellenic Observatory.
Sponsored by the European Commission - Representation in the UK
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The Cyprus Economy at a Time of European Uncertainty: Managing Reform & Sustainability
10 February 2012
One-day Conference organised by the European Institute-LSE, Centre for European Reform, Hellenic Observatory-LSE and sponsored by the European Commission - Representation in the UK
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Changing Conceptions of 'Europe' in Modern Greece: Identities, Meanings, and Legitimation
28-29 January 2011
Two-day Conference organised in Athens in collaboration with the British School at Athens
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Public Financial Management in Times of Crisis: Fiscal Realities and Management Challenges in Greece and the EU
22 October 2010 
Co-organised with the Association for the International Foundation of Public Finance and sponsored by the National Bank of Greece
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The cost of the financial crisis: Planning an exit strategy
27 May 2009
Co-organised with the Bank of Greece; key-note speakers: Willem Buiter, Daniel Gros, Lucas Papademos and others
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Migrant integration in small island economies-evidence from the island of Rhodes
3 February 2009
Co-organised with the LSE Migration Studies Unit Workshop and sponsored by the John S. Latsis Public Foundation
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Welfare and Pension Reform in Europe: learning from each other?
25 June 2008 
4th Hellenic Observatory Athens Conference
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The European Sustainable Development Strategy and Greece
4 June 2007
3rd Hellenic Observatory Athens Conference
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Migration and the New European Enlargement: Bulgaria and Romania
18 May 2007
Key-not speakers: Elspeth Guild, Nadya Dimitrova & Dzenk Sejfula
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War and Identities
26-27 May 2006
Organised by the Hellenic Studies Programme at Yale University and the Hellenic Observatory and co-sponsored by the Kokkalis Foundation, the Network for the Study of Civil Wars and the Gennadius Library
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The European Union's Balkan Enlargement: What Does it Mean for the Greek Economy?
6 June 2006
2nd Hellenic Observatory Athens Conference, co-organised with the Greek LSE Alumni Association
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Labour Market Flexibility: international experience and the case of Greece
22 April 2005 
1st Hellenic Observatory Athens Conference
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Pension Reform in Europe: Shared Problems, Sharing Solutions?
5 December 2003
One-day Conference sponsored by Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation
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The 2003 Greek EU Council Presidency: between disintegration and consensus-building
14 November 2003 
Organised in association with the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
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Romania and EU Enlargement: The Challenge of Domestic Reform
31 October 2003
Organised in association with the Centre for European Studies, School of Politics and International Studies, Queen's University Belfast
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European Security and the New Global Challenges
4 March 2003
Co-organised with the  Institute for Defence Analyses
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Globalisation and Regionalism: A Double Challenge for Greece
28-29 March 2001 
Co-organised with the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)
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