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                             Interpreting the Past, Present and Future of Cyprus

Date  Tuesday, 17 May 2016

University of Cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus

Time 09.15-18.30

Haridimos Tsoukas
Dean of the School of Economics and Management, University of Cyprus

Welcome Addresses

Kevin Featherstone
Head of the European Institute, LSE
Constantinos Constantinou
Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Finance and Administration, University of Cyprus


Hubert Faustmann

Associate Professor of History and Political Science, University of Nicosia


Rebecca Bryant
A.N.Hadjiyiannis Associate Professorial Research Fellow,LSE


James Ker-Lindsay,

Senior Research Fellow, European Institute, LSE


Haridimos Tsoukas
Dean of the School of Economics and Management, University of Cyprus

A one-day conference organised by the Hellenic Observatory, LSE and the University of Cyprus.

This conference asked participants to reflect on the development of Cyprus-related research, particularly over the past two decades.

Until approximately the late 1990’s, social science research on the island was dominated by the ‘Cyprus Problem’, which shaped the subjects, scope, and methods of study. While for several decades the social sciences in Cyprus were primarily focused on understanding the emergence and perpetuation of a bi-communal conflict, research over the past approximately fifteen years has challenged the bi-communal assumptions of previous work and has opened the horizons of the social sciences to subjects beyond the conflict.

Anthropologists and others have written about the Roma, Maronite, and Armenian communities of the island; historians have investigated the colonial civil service and muleteers in the world wars; political scientists have looked at ‘other’ exceptions, such as the British sovereign bases; while any number of researchers have developed an interest in the past and future of the island’s buffer zone areas.

Increasingly, researchers from economics and management studies have turned their eyes to the study of the Cyprus economy, the Cyprus Civil Service, as well as the business practices of Cyprus-based companies and organisations.  Is this shift associated with changes in the island, or rather with changes in the social, economic and management sciences? What is the relationship between this intellectual ‘opening’ and the opening of the crossing points in 2003? Does the conflict remain central to social science research in the island, and if so, in what way? If the centre has shifted, where might we find it today?

These and other questions shaped our discussion, as we ask social and economic scientists in and of Cyprus to reflect on the conflict in relation to their own research. 

Conference Programme

Conference Poster



Designing Peace: Cyprus and the Comparative Method - Neophytos  Loizides, University of Kent; University of Cyprus/London School of Economics

Hate speech and behaviour in Cyprus - Yiannos Katsourides, University of Cyprus

Press Coverage

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3. Professor Kevin Featherstone, Head of European Institute, interviewed by Antigoni Solomonidou Droussiotou regarding HO events in Cyprus and the 20th Anniversary of the HO, Phileleutheros newspaper (16 May 2016)

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6.Photo Coverage article, INBusiness Magazine July issue








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