Heart of Europe past events

During the 2007-2008 academic year the Forum for European Philosophy in collaboration with the European Institute at the LSE hosted a public programme of special events under the title The Heart of Europe.

The recent upheavals and tensions in the EU and the uncertainty over the EU's final frontier are posing fundamental questions at the intersection of philosophy, politics, sociology, economics, literature and intellectual history. The EU plays an ever-larger role in the lives of citizens of the EU member states. And yet many of those citizens do not feel strong ties to the European idea. Indeed, the European project seems to have lost its direction and impetus. Is there a beating heart to Europe today? In this series we seek to engage in a deliberately multidisciplinary way with questions concerning The Heart of Europe.

The Shrivelling of European Citizenship

Damian ChalmersTuesday 19 February 2008, 6.30-8pm
U8, Tower One, LSE

Damian Chalmers, Professor in European Law, European Institute and Law Department, LSE

If the institutionalisation of European citizenship by the Treaty on European Union heralded a new era of political community and membership rights beyond the nation State, a paradox seems to undermine it. Whilst the behaviour of institutional actors and the practice of migrants challenges and devalues many of the membership rights offered by EU citizenship, the heterogeneity and intensity of associational rights and practices enjoyed by non-nationals has, in many ways, increased. This lecture will consider whether this paradox rests in the concept of citizenship being over-extended and treated in an unduly monolithic manner. It then asks whether other more differentiated forms of membership might not be both more normative appealing and better capture the sense of place that many non-nationals wish to create for themselves in their host societies.

European Citizenship: Practical Vision or Empty Vessel?

Monday 22 October 2007, 6.30-8.00 pm
New Theatre, East Building, LSE

Michael Maclay, Chairman, Citizenship Foundation
Chair: Maurice Fraser

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European citizenship was first proclaimed in the Maastricht Treaty but little of substance has followed. How far will Europeans ever think of their continent as a shared public space?