Book Forum

Richard BronkBook Launch Discussion Seminar

Tuesday 10 February 2009, 6.00-8.00pm
Room D502, Clement House, Aldwych, LSE


The Romantic Economist - Imagination in Economics, by Richard Bronk, Cambridge University Press, 2009

Economies are dynamic processes, characterised by massive uncertainty and driven by creative imagination, social norms and emotions, as well as rational calculation. So why do economists largely study them through the prism of static equilibrium models and narrow rationalistic assumptions? Richard Bronk| argues that it is our imaginations that allow us to chart our way though the future yet to be created; and that economists can best model and explain the creative and social aspects of markets by using new structuring assumptions and metaphors derived from the poetry and philosophy of English and German Romanticism.

The Forum for European Philosophy is hosting this discussion seminar jointly with the European Institute (LSE) and Cambridge University Press. The book's main arguments will by introduced by Richard Bronk, who is currently a Visiting Fellow at the European Institute, LSE and also author of Progress and the Invisible Hand (Little Brown, 1998). He will be in discussion with Simon Glendinning|, Reader in European Philosophy and Director of the Forum for European Philosophy, European Institute, LSE and Christa van Wijnbergen|, Research Fellow at the European Institute, LSE.