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Latest Research

Report: The Scottish Referendum in the Press: Overviews and Trends|, by Dídac Gutiérrez-Peris, Catalan Observatory, April 2013.


Co-edited by the Catalan Observatory:

Crameri2014Kathryn Crameri, ‘Goodbye Spain?’ The Question of Independence for Catalonia (Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2014), 224 pp. (ISBN 978-1-84519-659-2)





Manera 2013Carles Manera, The Great Recession: A Subversive View (Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2013), 140 pp. (ISBN: 978-1-84519-603-5)





Dowling 2013Andrew Downling, Catalonia Since the Spanish Civil War. Reconstructing the Nation (Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2013), 272 pp. (ISBN: 978-1-84159-530-4)





GermaBel CoverGermà Bel, Infrastructure and the Political Economy of Nation Building in Spain, 1720–2010 (Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2011), 172 pp. (ISBN: 978-1-84519-507-6)





Ashes and GraniteOlivia Muñoz-Rojas, Ashes and Granite. Destruction and Reconstruction in the Spanish Civil War and its Aftermath (Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2011), 272 pp. (ISBN: 978-1-84519-436-9)




An emerging economyRamon Tremosa-i-Balcells, Catalonia, An Emerging Economy (Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2010), 156 pp. (ISBN: 978-1-84519-369-0)





Anarchism and the City, C.EalhamChris Ealham, Anarchism and the City: Revolution and Counter‐revolution in Barcelona, 1898–1937  (Oakland, California: AK Press, 2010), 263 pp. (ISBN: 978-1-84935-012-9)






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Conference Working Papers

Historical Memory: Policy and Practice (July 2010). For access to all the documents, please go to the main page of the event: Conference on 'Historical Memory: Policy and Practice'|

Sports, Socialization and Economic Development  (June 2010). For access to all the documents, please go to the main page of the event: Conference on 'Sports, Socialization and Economic Development'|

Innovation and Policy Learning Healthcare: Catalonia and UK (March 2010). For access to all the documents, please go to the main page of the event:Conference on 'Innovation and Policy Learning Health Care: Catalonia and UK in Europe'|


The Catalan Observatory presented during 2010 the document 'SocioEconomic Indicators 2009-2010'. The publication is the first contribution of a medium-term strategy to evaluate the socioeconomic dynamism of the Catalan economy. This first report analysed three different indicators on Social Mobility, Economic Competitiveness, and 'Globalization': Summary of the main conclusions (PDF presentation)|; Methodological Annex (PDF)|

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