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Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies
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Research at CBC

Visiting Researchers

List of researchers who visited the Centre since 2007.


The Cañada Blanch Centre is only able to accept a limited number of visiting researchers per term and per year. 

To be considered, candidates will preferably have a PhD degree and submit a research project related to the academic areas covered by the work of the Centre: Spanish history, politics, economics and society.

Those interested in applying for a period (of at least three months) as a visiting researcher at the Centre should send the following documents, written in English:

1. Application form.

2. Curriculum vitae.

3. Research project proposal, no longer than 1,500 words.

Please, attach these three documents to a very brief introductory email addressed to The subject line should read "Application for research visit".

The Committee meets several times a year and will usually make a decision within a month of receiving your application, as long as it arrives during term time.

Successful applicants will be given access to the research resources of the Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies, to those of the British Library of Political and Economic Science (LSE), as well as access to the many research centres in London and elsewhere: the British Library, the Institute of Historical Research and the National Archives, among others. Also, research visitors will be able to participate in lectures and events organised by the LSE, and they will be expected to attend all seminars and activities organized by the Centre during their stay.

Unfortunately, the CBC cannot offer financial support or assistance with accommodation or other personal matters. Relevant academic information about the CBC can be found in other parts of this website, which research visitors may use to complete further paperwork required by their university or other external institutions.


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