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Miguel Dols awarded the 'Alta Distinción Honorífica' by the Fundación Cañada Blanch

18 May 2015
Salón de Actos
Fundacíon Cañada Blanch
Valencia, Spain

Miguel Dols 18May15 -1

 The Cañada Blanch Foundation have awarded Miguel Dols Piquer the ‘Alta Distinción Honorífica’ in recognition of “the efforts made from the inception of the Foundation to the present time; for approaching his tasks as Vice-President with great and generous dedication, which have strengthened the Foundation’s activities in Burriana and the United Kingdom and contributed greatly to its increased prestige.”

This was the sixth ‘Alta Distinción’ awarded by the Foundation since its creation half a century ago. The previous recipients are José Mª Coll, who received the award posthumously; Paul Preston; the University of Valencia; María Kodama, widow of Jorge Luis Borges; and Carlos Pascual de Miguel.

The ceremony commenced in the assembly hall, suitably decorated for the gala event, with opening remarks by Juan López-Trigo, President of the Foundation. Then followed a few words by Prof. Paul Preston, Director of the Cañada Blanch Centre at the LSE, and interventions by Juan Miguel Dols, Carlos Pascual de Miguel and the Hble. Conseller Máximo Buch. Before handing over the word to the recipient of the award, Juan López-Trigo read a letter from ex-ambassador to the United Kingdom, Alberto Aza, who unfortunately was unable to attend the ceremony.

To close the ceremony, the Secretary of the Foundation, Vicente Rodríguez Esparza, read the agreement reached by the Extraordinary General Council to grant Miguel Dols the ‘Alta Distinción Honorífica’, after which the President and the previous President of the Foundation, Carlos Pascual de Miguel, formally handed over the award. Finally, Miguel Dols took the podium to offer some heartfelt words of thanks.

 Miguel Dols 18May15 - 5