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ICA Screening of 'The Forest'

Friday 27 June 2014
Institute of Contemporary Arts - Catalan Observatory
Screening of The Forest (El bosc). Dir. Óscar Aibar, Spain, 2012, 92 min.
Followed by a Q&A session with Paul Preston
Time: 20.40 h.
Place: Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH
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 The Forest

Óscar Aibar’s El bosc oscillates seamlessly between the historical setting of the Spanish Civil War and the fantasy world that the protagonist, Ramon, discovers through a magical portal in 'the forest'. Whilst it is not surprising that the film’s combination of fact and fiction has drawn comparisons to Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), closer attention should be paid to the accuracy in its portrayal of the tensions between the different anti-fascist groups during the Spanish Civil War, a point that Prof. Paul Preston highlighted during the Q&A session.

The Forest

Following Prof. Preston’s informative responses to questions concerning the conflict within the Republican zone during the Spanish Civil War, the audience were keen to find out his thoughts on the recent developments of the Catalan independence debate, and he engaged in an insightful and topical discussion on the subject.

Ramon Lamarca and Paul Preston

Among those present at the screening were Lala Isla, Josep Suárez and Richard Baxell

Paul Preston and Ramon Lamarca after the Q&A session