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Round Table 'The Emergence of a Non-State Diplomacy'

Wednesday 30 November 2011
Round Table: The Emergence of a Non-State Diplomacy
Lord Colin Boyd
(Former Lord Advocate for Scotland) 
Mr. Pierre Boulanger (Agent-General, Québec Government Office in London) 
Mrs. Roser Clavell i Soldevilla
(General Secretary, Patronat Catalunya Món) 
Mrs. Linda Fabiani
(Member of the Scottish Parliament) 
Mr. Jan De Mulder
(Public Governance Counsellor at the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union - Flemish Representation)

Chair: Prof. Paul Preston
Time: 18.00 h.
Place: LSE,
Clement's Inn, Tower 3, 5th floor, The Box

The Emergence of a Non-State Diplomacy

During the last decade, diplomatic activity carried out by entities other than states – with special attention to regional and autonomous communities – has become increasingly frequent. The twin phenomena of progressive devolution in multi-national states and increased channels for interchange have stimulated the creation of new modes of diplomatic action. Different institutions are progressively developing an 'alternative' vision to the traditional style of diplomatic relations, proposing a model that is partly based on the idea of a 'complementary diplomacy' as well as the professionalization of the 'diplomatic' sector of the regions. This new focus is creating alternative kinds of diplomacy, better adapted to the strategic and functional objectives of each territory and able at the same time to take on board the specific challenges of trans-national European construction and increasing federal decentralisation. The aim of the Round table is to offer multiple perspectives on the strategies implemented by some of the most active and pioneering autonomous governments in this area: Catalonia, Québec, Flanders and Scotland. This session will offer the opportunity to continue the academic debate about paradiplomacy along the lines of the conference organised in March 2011, Devolution in a Globalized World, with the involvement of some of the representatives of these communities in the United Kingdom.

The Emergence of a Non-State Diplomacy
Left to right: Jan De Mulder, Colin Boyd, Linda Fabiani, Pierre Boulanger, Roser Clavell and Paul Preston