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Conference 'Innovation and Policy Learning Health Care: Catalonia and UK in Europe'

Wednesday 17 - Thursday 18 March 2010
Conference: Innovation and Policy Learning Health Care: Catalonia and UK in Europe

Wednesday 17 March
Lecture I: Challenges and lessons of the UK Health System
Speaker: Professor Julian Le Grand (Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy, Chair of LSE Health Management Committee and former Senior Policy Advisor to Tony Blair)
Lecture II: Similarities between English and Catalan Reforms
Speaker: Guillem López Casasnovas (Professor of Public Economics at University Pompeu Fabra, President of IHEA, Member of Steering Committee of the Bank of Spain)

Thursday 18 March
Round Table I: Management of Devolved Health Systems
Chair: Professor Alistair McGuire (Social Policy, LSE)
Speakers: Professor Scott Greer (School of Public Health, University of Michigan), Professor Gwyn Bevan (Management Science, LSE) and Dr. Joan Costa-Font (Director of the Catalan Observatory)
Round Table II: Innovations in Donation and Transplants
Chair: Dr. Joan Costa-Font (Social Policy, LSE)
Speakers: Dr. Rosa Deulofeu Vilarnau (Director of the Catalan Transplant Organization, Health Department, Government of Catalonia) and Professor Mireia Jofre Bonet (Associate Researcher at LSE Health and Professor in Economics at City University London)

PowerPoint Presentations by Guillem López, Scott Greer and Joan Costa 

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Health Care photo
Left to right: Prof. Guillem López, Prof. Paul Preston and Prof. Julian Le Grand

Public Lecture 1
Audience during Prof. Le Grand's lecture

Left to right: Prof. Guillem López, Dr. Joan Costa, Dr. Rosa Deulofeu, Prof. Paul Preston, Mr. Carles Casajuana (Spanish Ambassador), Antoni Vives and Josep Manuel Barberà (Director of Patronat Catalunya Món)

Left to right: Dr. Joan Costa, Prof. Mireia Jofre, Dr. Rosa Deulofeu and Prof. Guillem López