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Research on South Eastern Europe
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LSEE is part of the LSE's European Institute, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Research Streams

Research in this stream includes the work of SMEs, regional policy and development, skills shortages and labour market performance, administrative and fiscal decentralisation, health and social services provision, and poverty and social protection. The recently established LSEE Research Network on Social Cohesion in SEE supports and strengthens such areas of research through collaboration with colleagues from the region and the initial support of the Regional Cooperation Council, the IFI Coordination Office for the Western Balkans and Turkey, and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

Research Projects & Programmes Associated with Stream 1:

1. Joint IFRI-LSEE Research Programme|

2. Labour Markets in SEE Research Programme|

3. SEARCH: FP7 Project|

4. Vocational Education and Social Inclusion|

5. Welfare Systems and Minorities in SEE Research Project|

In the fields of economic policy and performance the topics covered have been FDI spill-overs (in Bulgaria and Serbia), trade integration and the new CEFTA2006 , the emergence of industrial centres in Central Turkey, and the impact of the global economic crisis on the region as a whole. Other areas of research include analyses of the process of European association, evaluation of the investment of pre-accession assistance, analysis of trade flows and trade integration (CEFTA) and others.

Research Projects & Programmes Associated with Stream 2:

1. Crisis, Austerity and Growth Research Programme |

Recent and current research in the area of conflict management and  state-building covers topics such as the role of the EU as state-builder, the limits of EU foreign policy in Kosovo, the role of international organisations, transforming the Balkans (in collaboration with the US-Greece Task Force) and quality of life in FYR Macedonia. Additionally, minority rights research focuses on Roma rights, post-conditionality and ethnic relations in FYR Macedonia.  

LSEE's aim is to assist the production of high quality research in these areas and to facilitate the dissemination of research outputs in the form of journal articles, published books and in-house publications, as well as through public events and input into regional and governmental organisations and policy fora.

Research Projects and Programmes Associated with Stream 3:

1. The Foreign Policy of Counter Secession Project|

2. The Politics of Enlargement: The EU and South East Europe