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Other Publications

The Modern Balkans: A Concise Guide to Nationalism, Politics, the Rise and Decline of the Nation State


In this book, Thanos Veremis synthesises much of the contemporary historiography of the Balkans and provides a clear, accessible narrative. The book has a broad historical reach, from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. It has three main sections: the first covers the emergence of the new nation states and the stateless nations; the second makes thematic connections between this Balkan history and that of the wider world, with respect to issues of nationalism and identity; and the third explores the ‘unfinished business’ of the present – the issues that linger and challenge the region and its allies.

This work will be of much value to students and scholars, new and old, who seek a ready companion and reference to their inquiries. It will illuminate the grand themes of Balkan history, but also answer more specific queries.

View or download The Modern Balkans: A Concise Guide to Nationalism, Politics, the Rise and Decline of the Nation State in PDF format.


The Social Consequences of the Global Economic Crisis in South East Europe Edited by Will Bartlett and Milica Uvalić

Social Consequences

The impact of the Eurozone crisis on the peripheral countries of the EU has been well documented, with much commentary and debate about the social and economic impact on EU member States such as Greece, Spain and Portugal. However, the serious social consequences of the economic crisis on the countries of South East Europe have been far less in the spotlight of public awareness. 

The book presents a comprehensive snapshot of the social situation in the region of South East Europe, and sheds new light on the nature and depth of the social challenges that the region faces. 

View or download The Social Consequences of the Global Economic Crisis in South East Europe in PDF format. 


Labour Market and Skills In the Western Balkans
Edited by Mihail Arandarenko and Will Bartlett 

FrenPublication2012This book presents research into the role of the labour force skills in underpinning future economic growth in the Western Balkans. It sets out the most recent thinking on the relation between skills and the labour market and between education systems and skill formation. 

This book, written by members of the LSEE Research Network on Social Cohesion  in collaboration with the Foundation for the Advancement of Economics in Belgrade has been conceived in response to a growing need for policy recommendations related to labour markets and skills mismatch in the region.

View or download Labour Market and Skills in the Western Balkans in PDF format.


South Eastern Europe After the Crisis
 A New Dawn or Back to Business as Usual?

Edited by Will Bartlett and Vassilis Monastiriotis

LSEE Publications PageThis LSEE publication combines region-wide analyses of the impacts of the global economic crisis with detailed studies of individual countries' experiences.

The fact that South Eastern Europe has suffered, or is still suffering, from the impact of crisis more than most other regions in the world makes this synoptic account of the economic and social effects of the crisis all the more timely.

We hope that it also makes a useful contribution to the study of the region's economic prospects and potential.

View or download South Eastern Europe After the Crisis in PDF format.